New Wedding Bands!

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Today we are talking about the launch of our new wedding bands! ūüíć We have new styles just in time for your summer wedding!¬†



I'm so excited because these styles are some of my favorites!

Let's start with bezel settings. We have two new bezel set wedding bands because bezel settings have been huge this past year. We have it in a full band and half band and it features bezel set emerald cut diamonds, meaning there's a metal frame around each diamond os you can really see the shape of each individual stone. It gives a very sleek and modern edge that really adds dimension to your bridal stack. We have another bezel set sale that I think will be a best seller. It's our half bezel asscher cut band that features individual asscher cut diamonds which are basically square emerald cuts that have a little bit more brilliance and fire. they're only hard bezel set with metal on the top and bottom which gives you that sleek finish which looks more delicate. I think this is the perfect in between if you're not fully set not he full bezel and you want something a little more modern than a classic eternity band!


Our Emma band was one of our best-selling wedding bands last year so we wanted to take a twist on the style, so we have our larger Emma band featuring bigger Marquise diamonds to give you more of a clingy look. We also have a very requested Marquise and round band called our Delilah band I think this is a great option if you want to get the look of the Emma band but incorporate mixed shapes. Another twist on a best-seller is our Diamond Row band. It features thin pave metal rope in between two metal sides, and now we have it with larger Diamond sizes so you can see each individual Diamond a little bit easier. We've gotten requests for curved bands in the past year so we wanted to create something very decorative and almost queen-like so we mixed diamond shapes in a curved setting. This is perfect if your e-ring diamond is set a bit lower or you're trying to have it hug an elongated shape like a pear shape or Marquise. We've also seen a big trend towards thicker gold bands like our Burnished Diamond band so I'm really excited to introduce our Pave Edge band. This is a flat thick gold band with just a sprinkle of diamonds at the top a pave edge--it almost looks like you have three rings stacked on top of each other with only two so it gives it a feminine edge to a more masculine thick gold ring.