All Things Sapphires

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! This week we get a Sapphire 101 crash course with Julia from Jewels with Jules talking all about heat treatments and gemstone certifications. 




Sapphires are a great gemstone to consider for your engagement ring if you want a more colorful gemstone. They are durable and come in an array of colors to choose from. Just like diamonds, there are quality checks we can do with sapphires to make sure we are getting the best value. 


99% of sapphires are heat treated, which is actually essential to bring out the beautiful vibrant colors of the stone. Julia explains that there are 2 main forms of heat treatment and each color stone needs different time lengths of heating. 


Blow Pipe Heating Method for Sapphires in Sri lanka

Blow Pipe Heating Method


Blue sapphires are typically just popped into an oven but are extremely time-sensitive, a one hour difference could cause cracks or damage. Yellow and pink sapphires are treated with less heat and time with the blow pipe method. It's simply a sped-up process of nature's own heating. Sapphires are very delicate because of this but the end results are stunning! 



Treated vs Untreated Sapphire

 Treated vs. Untreated Sapphire


Diffusion and beryllium treated sapphires are also on the market but coated with the desired color and might not be the best to consider because of possible fading when polished. In Europe, unheated sapphires are more popular and show a more visible fogginess to the stone instead of the higher clarity with the American heat-treated standard. 



 C. Dunaigre Gem Lab Logo

C. Dunaigre, Certified Gemologist 


Like any natural stone, all its treatments should be made known to you. Blue sapphires become certified starting at 2.5 to 3 carats, then yellow and pink get certified with greater carats. Christian Dunaigre is the trusted gemologist behind Jewels with Jules and all of the amazing vibrant gems. Transparency is important so you know the quality of gemstone you are looking at and what to expect when it is yours to wear. 


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