Best Bang for Buck Diamond Shapes

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! We're talking about the best bang for your buck diamond shapes.


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What is the best diamond shape if you want to get the maximum finger coverage for as little money as possible? Our bang for the buck diamond shapes are going to be shapes that look bigger than their carat weight or show their carat weight really well. 

The first shape is the Old European Cut which is an antique, round, and brilliant diamond. Old Euros are less standardized than Round Brilliants since they're hand cut. Old Euros are beautiful shapes known for their charm and uniqueness.




Light interactions make antique cuts like the Old Euro, mask color better than a modern stone. Antique cuts typically face up about two color grades better than the modern stone. You can go a little lower on the color scale with Old Euros without sacrificing the overall look. They’re also less standardized in their cut which gives you more of that finger coverage you’re looking for. 

Two other shapes that are great for your money are pear shapes and marquises. Pear-shaped and marquises look huge and hold their carat weight very well. Although they are modern cuts, you can get a better price since they’re not as common. 



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