Our Newest Wedding Bands

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I’m so excited to announce the launch of our newest wedding band styles. 

My favorite is the Emma Band which comes in platinum, rose, and others. It features marquee diamonds that are set east-west and pairs perfectly with any diamond shape. It is dainty, feminine, and a great alternative for a classic look to your wedding band. We recommend pairing it with ovals, marquees, cushion cuts and anything with a bit of a rounded edge to it.


Another one of my favorites is The City Band featuring 5 rows of pavé with a super thick kind of look, similar to a cigar style band. You can wear this as a wedding band and pair it with a super skinny solitaire to create a contrast effect. 



Our Triple Row Pavé Band is a bit of a domed wedding band featuring three rows of pavé diamonds. This is a great band with an extra sparkle factor to pair with almost any engagement ring. I would personally wear it with an engagement ring that has a plain band (not pavé) to avoid rubbing against it. 



If you can’t decide between Step Cut or Round Brilliant, we have the band for you. The Emerald And Round Band can be done in eternity or half style and features alternating emerald cuts and round brilliance. This band is perfect to pair with an emerald cutter asher or any sort of brilliant cut. It is the perfect mix between the two faceting patterns so you don’t have to decide. 



The Zoe Band is a bit of a delicate take on the rounded emerald cup band. It features east-west set baguettes and two small round brilliant diamonds in between the two. It's super delicate and dainty. 



The Wave Band is one of our favorite stacking bands as it is a super thin band featuring an undulating design with burnished diamonds in between. You can wear this alone or with your engagement ring. I also love stacking it with other pavé or plain gold fans. 



Our Josephine Band is very regal featuring alternating clusters of round brilliant diamonds. This is for the person looking for a really big, blingy look and something less traditional. This can be paired with an engagement ring or can be a great standalone ring. 



One of the most highly requested bands we’ve got is our Bezel Set Baguette Band. It’s super modern, sleek and pairs well with not only a bezel set engagement ring but is great for stacking. It’s very fashion forward.



There’s so many bands just in time for wedding season! Which one is your fav? Shop our curated collection made in NYC with natural diamonds here.


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