Best Wedding Bands for your Pear Cut Diamond Ring

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! In this episode, we’re showing you our favorite wedding band pairings for a pear cut ring. Which option is your favorite?


Watch the full video below:



Need a wedding band to go with your pear shape engagement ring? We got you!


Our Penelope Ring, which is also available as a half band, is a best-selling ring for a reason. The cluster of pointed marquise and round diamonds on the ring goes really well with a pear shape, since the pear has both the rounded bottom and a pointed tip. The clustered diamonds create a large diamond look, and goes well with the feminine aesthetic of the pear diamond. 


An equally beautiful but untraditional wedding band option is our Chevron Band, which features a skinny band with pave diamond settings. The shape of the chevron band creates a point, and when worn together with a pear shape, the Chevron band highlights the silhouette of the pear diamond flawlessly. 


The Emily Band is one of my favorite rings to pair with a pear shape diamond. This ring has east-west set pear shapes that are bezel set, complementing the shape of the big pear of the engagement ring. 


Which wedding band would you choose for your pear shape ring? 


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