Best Wedding Band Pairings for Round Brilliants!

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This new series will walk you through our favorite wedding band pairings for your diamond shape! 


The first diamond shape we'll focus on is a round brilliant diamond. The diamond shown in the video is just over 2 carats and is set in a two-tone setting with six platinum prongs and a 14k yellow gold super skinny band. Because of the classic style of the round, there are so many options for a wedding band style. It depends what kind of style and aesthetic you want, but here are some recommendations based on this ring style. 


If you want a classic look with lots of diamonds to contrast the plain metal band of an engagement ring, the Defined Round Diamond Band is a perfect choice. This band comes in two sizes - 3 point and 5 point. This band is able to showcase each diamond's shape and silhouette beautifully while having two prongs for added security. 



If you like a more dainty and vintage look, our Mini Antique Ring might be your engagement ring's new best friend. This band is more subtle and unique, while still having the right amount of sparkle. 




On the other hand, thicker wedding bands are really coming back into style. One of our newly launched bands includes the Diamond Row Band, which features a row of pave diamonds in the center surrounded by metal on both sides - I would say this band is more modern, yet retro, making this band delightfully unique!



Lastly, if you love a funky and trendy wedding band, check out our Brooklyn Baguette Band. This eternity band has staggered baguette diamonds all around, creating a truly unexpected and fun wedding band pairing.




Let me know which engagement ring shape you want me to cover next in the comments below! 



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