Tips for Layering Necklaces

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This week we’re talking about our favorite tips and tricks for layering necklaces! ✨ Shop our newest layering chains to get THE layering look 👀



My general rule is to mix necklaces with different textures, widths, and lengths. For instance, I love wearing a gold chain necklace with any diamond or dainty necklaces -- it's the perfect layering piece that goes well with any piece! We recently launched a few staple gold chain pieces, including our paperclip chain necklace, beaded chain necklace, and oro chain necklace.




  Here are some of my favorite style pairings from our collection:


If you have a necklace that you love layering with, make sure to measure the length of the chain so that you know what lengths to buy for the layering pieces. Let me know what kinds of pieces you love layering with in the comments below!



Watch the full video below:




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