Bridal Trends for 2020

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! In this episode, we’re talking about all things 2020 bridal ring trends. What's your favorite? Watch the full video here:


Some of the top trends that I think will be amazing this year will be thicker wedding bands! Last year, we saw a ton of super skinny solitaire engagement rings paired with similar thin wedding bands. This year, I predict we will see a modern shift to thicker bands -- almost like mens bands paired with thin engagement rings. PS… look out for our next line drop :) 

We get a lot of inspiration from the influencers of today and Emily Ratajkowski’s combo took the world by surprise. She pairs her stunning toi et moi ring with a hammered thick gold wedding band. We LOVE this combo and cannot wait for more!

Another trend for 2020: we will see a lot of three stone rings! I have been seeing this style becoming more and more popular! Traditionally, a three stone ring is with tapered baguettes or trapezoids, but this year I think we will see more funky side stones: think epaulets and shields. 

This year, yellow gold was really strong for engagement rings. Traditionally, the two tone rings are most popular in white gold, but we will see more two tone three stone rings!

We launched our Signature Flawless Fit three stone ring which allows you to wear a wedding band  completely flush to your engagement ring. Up until now, you would have a bit of space between the two rings, but not anymore with our new design! I think we’re going to see stunning three stone rings flush to wedding bands make an appearance!

Finally, I think toi et mois are going to be super popular! I predict that we will see a lot of colored stones and antique stones in the mix. I absolutely love toi et moi rings and can’t wait to see more beautiful combinations!!

Let us know what you want to see next week in the comments below!! Make sure to check out our segment on KTLA where we dive deeper into celebrity bridal trends. See it HERE

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