Do's & Don'ts for Fine Jewelry Care

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Want to know how to take good care of your fine jewelry? Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’ve got you covered!

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DO take good care of all your fine jewelry. Especially for engagement rings, we recommend getting your ring checked up to make sure all the prongs are still tight, everything is still in place, and get a polish so it sparkles like new. 

DON’T work out with your engagement ring! Please please, don’t do this!! Your engagement ring is delicate and it is not indestructible. The metal on your band (especially if you have a thin band) is malleable and can get damaged if you workout. Lifting weights and even cycling can be especially dangerous if you have a pave too. Whatever you do, take it off while you exercise. A great tip is to put your engagement ring on your necklace for your workout!

DO give your engagement ring some TCL and wash it from time to time. With the oils on our hands, soaps and other things we come into contact with every day, your ring can start to fade. You don’t want to overclean your ring, especially if you have white gold, but you should give your ring a deep cleaning every 2-4 weeks. Take a bowl of soapy warm water and soak your ring for about 10 mins. Then, take a soft bristled toothbrush and brush it gently. You can do this for studs, necklaces, and anything else. It will be shining like new. 

DON’T shower with your engagement ring. Some people say it is safe, but in the shower your ring is much more likely to slip off and fall down the drain! It is also more likely to get dirtier quicker because of all the soaps and hair products we use in the shower!

DON’T sleep with your ring. A lot of people sleep with their ring and think it is totally fine. I recommend having a small dish near your bed and keeping your ring there, instead. When you sleep with your ring, your fingers can swell and cut off your circulation. You may injure yourself of the ring -- all in all it is better to play it safe. 

DON’T go swimming in the ocean or in the pool with your engagement ring! I am guilty of this!! Sometimes when I am wearing my ring, I do go in the pool with chlorine. Often times it is clean after and totally fine, but it is, again, better to play it safe. Please please do not wear your ring in the ocean! The salty water will make your ring really dirty looking. And (God forbid!!) if it falls off, that is everyone’s WORST nightmare!!

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