Making Your Diamond Look Whiter

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This week we're giving you our top tips to make your diamond look whiter! Which tip is your fav?


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If you have a lower colored diamond and want to make to make it appear whiter, here are some tips and tricks with the setting of your diamond that will help. 


The first tip is to always set your diamond in platinum - by setting your diamond in a platinum basket and prongs, that white metal will reflect into the diamond, making it appear a bit brighter. If the diamond is set in yellow or rose gold, that colored metal is going to reflect into the diamond, making it look lower in color quality. 


The second tip is to have your shank, or band, be a colored metal so that the contrast of the diamond that is set in platinum will pop, no matter what color the diamond is.


The last tip is to not set your diamond ring with pave diamonds, which are those small diamonds that are in the band. If you have a lower colored diamond, it will be difficult to match the pave to the color of your diamond, especially since the small and bright pave will look brighter than their actual color grade. 


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