Yellow Gold vs. Rose Gold Metal

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This week, we're diving into the differences between yellow and rose gold. Which metal type would you go for?


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If you're looking for a colored metal engagement ring but can't decide between yellow gold and rose gold, here are the pros and cons of each and considerations for setting your diamond. 


Yellow gold is one of the most classic metal colors that has become very trendy recently. I think yellow gold is a great option if you want something a little less traditional than platinum or white but still pretty timeless. The engagement rings we're making today are not the yellow gold engagement rings of the 80's past - we do them daintier and more modern.


Typically, I recommend setting the diamond in a platinum basket for yellow gold bands. This is because if you set the diamond directly in the yellow gold, then a bit of the yellow will reflect into the diamond, making the diamond look warmer or lower color quality at certain angles. Platinum, an inherently white metal, is going to enhance the brightness that reflects into the stone. The contrast between the yellow gold and platinum will make the diamond pop. 


We can always set the diamond directly in yellow gold and have the ring completely in yellow gold if that is an aesthetic preference of yours - just know the pros and cons. If you do decide to set in all yellow gold, I would recommend 14k yellow gold instead of 18k yellow gold. The difference is the amount of gold in the alloy mixture, so 14k yellow will look like a muted yellow and is tougher against scratches and everyday wear. 18k yellow will look more saturated in color (think true yellow gold color) and will be a bit softer. 


Rose gold has been a wildly popular choice too - it is a beautiful color and depending on the alloy, it can sometimes turn out a bit more pink or more copper. Since the metal is so soft, rose gold metal is not going to hold the diamond securely. The concern for rose gold is more about structure and integrity rather than discoloration of the diamond. However, I still recommend having the diamond set in platinum. Because rose gold is so soft, I typically recommend doing a 14k rose gold band unless you want more of that rosy pink color. 


Either way, whether it's yellow gold or rose gold, you can't go wrong. It's always all about your personal preference and what you love to wear on yourself. 


Thanks for tuning in this week! Ask me all your questions in the comments below :)


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