Picking Your Ring At Home

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! We know most of us are staying home, but that doesn’t mean your search for the perfect ring has to stop! We’re sharing the best ways to pick your ring at home 💍 🏠 

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There are two components to a ring: the diamond and the setting! Let’s start with the diamond! First, think about the kind of hands you have! It sounds crazy, but think about it! Do you have long or short fingers? That can help you pick out the perfect diamond. 

If you have long fingers, elongated shapes will be your best friend: think about ovals, emeralds, elongated radiant. Those will be your best option because they will take up the most amount of real estate vertically on your finger!

If you have shorter fingers, you want to take up more real estate horizontally: think square or round shapes like round brilliant, square cushion, or asscher. 

Next, let’s figure out the type of faceting pattern you want! If you love sparkle, go for a brilliant facet. If you want something more subtle, consider a step cut. The BEST way to figure this out is to go to Pinterest or Instagram and see what you like!

Next, figure out what you want to prioritize: size, clarity or color?!

If you want to prioritize getting the most bang for your buck, I would avoid going for the emerald and asscher cuts because you have to go higher on the clarity for those stones. Instead, I would go for a round brilliant or oval because you can compromise on the other C’s because of their faceting pattern!

Next, let’s talk about the setting!! To start, think about the kinds of metals you typically wear. Are you a gold or rose gold wearer? Do you want to stick to the traditional platinum or white gold?

Platinum and white gold look amazing on everyone! A lot of brides love to mix and match metals, even if their other jewelry does not match the metal of their engagement ring. 

Rose gold is super popular recently! If you’re worried about it going out of style, I believe that it suits certain skin tones AMAZINGLY -- so the bottom line is if it suits you and you love it… that’s the right choice! Typically pink/pale undertones love rose gold, while olive/darker skin tones love yellow gold (you can also play around with 14k vs 18k). All that is to say, the only thing that matters is what YOU love!

Next, do you want a solitaire, a three stone, or a halo? Solitaire lets the stone shine, side stones can help take up more real estate on the finger, and halo adds amazing sparkle! 

All in all, your search for the perfect engagement ring does not have to stop! Let us know what you want to see next week in the comments below!


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