How to Set a Lower Color Diamond

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! In this episode we share our tips for setting a low color diamond! You’ll learn to optimize for and accentuate your stone’s true beauty ✨

 Watch the full video below!!

There are tons of tips and tricks out there -- but I’ve heard tons of misleading things! For example, I've heard that if you have a lower colored diamond it’s okay to set it directly in yellow gold. That is FALSE! No matter what color diamond you directly set into yellow gold... it will look a bit more yellow. It’s ALWAYS best to set any stone directly in white gold or platinum. Then you can have the yellow gold just as the shank and band -- the contrast can help you when it's just the band. The best way to make your diamond look whiter is to set it directly in white so it looks bright!

Another rule of thumb is to avoid a lot of pave or halos. Many times we can use tiny diamonds to set a lower colored diamond, but if your center stone is too low on the color scale, it can be hard to match the smaller diamonds to the center diamond. 

All in all the best thing to do is to set it in a white metal and have the band in a contrasting color! Those are my tricks and tips! Let us know what you want to see next week in the comments below!!

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