Cushion Cuts

Cushion cuts are one of my favorite diamond shapes. Its namesake is derived from its square-ish shape and rounded corners- looking like a pillow cushion! Unlike other diamond shapes, the cushion cut has a lot more variability in appearance. We could go down a whole laundry list of details and characteristics of different types of cushion cuts, but I will break this down and make it as simple and digestible as possible. When looking for a cushion you must:

- Identify what faceting pattern you prefer. Do you like a lot of sparkles? If so, you will most likely be drawn to a “crushed iced” cushion modified brilliant. The “crushed ice” cushion cut looks similar to its name. It is made up of many smaller facets giving the illusion of more sparkle and brilliance


On the other hand, the antique cushion cut style has recently become extremely popular. This type of cushion cut usually has a larger faceting pattern with less brilliance and a larger culet. Many people are willing to forego the sparkle for the charm and elegance of the antique cushion.

- Identify what shape you prefer. This may sound silly because you have already determined that you are looking for a cushion cut, but there are different silhouettes within the diamond shape.

4ct Old Mine Cushion
4ct Elongated "Crushed Ice" Cushion

Once you identify which faceting pattern and silhouette you prefer, you should be in good shape to find your perfect cushion cut!

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