Pear Shapes

Until recently pear shapes have been overlooked as a viable option for an engagement ring. Perhaps it is because pear shapes were at the height of their popularity before most of us were born. However, like all fashion trends, diamond trends come and go and pear shapes are back in a big way!

For some time, oval diamonds have been the finger flattering fancy shape of choice, but now they are having some competition with the pear shape.

A pear shape diamond is a unique option that many of your friends may not have. They are a great choice if you are looking for a diamond shape that gives the illusion of slender longer fingers.

Similar to the oval diamond, when shopping for the pear shape you must make sure your diamond does not have the bow tie effect. Also, it is important to prioritize color over clarity. Pear shapes do a great job of camouflaging imperfections in the diamond.

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