How To Make Your Diamond Pop!

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Want to know how to make your diamond look bigger without having to go up a carat weight? We give you our tips for maximizing size while getting the most bang for your buck. Which style would you go with?


Watch the full video below:



I have 3 tips to share when it comes to making your diamond look bigger.


The first is about the proportion of the diamond to the band of the ring - simply opt for a thinner band so that your diamond really stands out. Our super skinny solitaire setting is perfect for just that, since the band is 1.5mm wide. 


The second tip is adding a halo, frame, or bezel around the diamond. For example, my ring has a frame of baguette diamonds around the center stone, which definitely increases the diamond look.  


My third tip is to add side stones! While they might not increase the look of your center diamond, side stones increase the overall diamond look on your finger and takes up significantly more space on your finger. 


I hope you enjoyed my tips, whether you like the skinny band, halo, or side stones - or all three! These are great ways to just make your diamond feel extra special, just like you. :)