How to Pick an Antique Cut Diamond

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Today, we are sharing how to pick out the perfect antique cut diamond! Antique cuts come as old European or old mine cuts and each have delicately unique features, that no two will ever look the same!




We have two variations of antique cuts, the old European cut and the old mine cut. Each diamond is so unique that no two diamonds look the exact same.  This is because these diamonds were cut before the 1930's/1940's by hand! Today we have modern round brilliant diamonds, which evolved from an old European's style.


However, an old European cut is so charming with timeless details like chunkier facets and a culet. A culet is the center facet point in these diamonds which gives the illusion of a dot, it's just an extra facet which we think is a lovely feature with antique cuts. 


Old European Diamond Engagement Ring

Old European Cut Diamond featuring a Culet


Old mine cuts are similar but have their own features which even inspired today's modern cushion cut. An old mine cut's silhouette is like a cushion cut, being slightly square shape but possessing rounded corners but with different variations in detail. Both old European cuts and old mine cuts have a smaller table facet or top facet and steep crown angle. The crown angle is from the point of the table to the girdle or the widest point of the diamond. These diamonds appear much larger to the naked eye. 


Old Mine Cut Engagement Ring

Old Mine Cut Diamond 


These are the amazing features of antique cuts but that's not all. Each one is truly unique and holds one-of-a-kind stories behind them. 


Also with the specific features of antique cuts, you can go lower on the color grade and the diamond will still appear two color grades brighter than what it really is. The same illusion applies to size and carat weight. Because of the diamond's table facet and crown angle, these diamonds can appear much larger than their described carat weight, which is great for your budget. 


Antique Cut Diagram

Antique Cuts


Crown jewels also carry antique cut diamonds, so you will also have something in common with royalty! Because of modern standards, antique cuts are no longer made, making them very rare.


That is all the necessary information to get you well-acquainted with antique cuts. What do you think? Is an old mine or old European cut on the top of your list?


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