Why You Should Choose Platinum for your E-Ring

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Today, here are the 4 reasons why platinum should be the metal of your choice for your engagement ring. Platinum has great features including being hypoallergenic and low-maintenance!




#4 Platinum is Hypoallergenic 

Some people, like myself, experience irritation when our skin comes in contact with base metals. Gold even contains base metals in their alloy but platinum doesn't! This makes platinum great for those who have really sensitive skin. 



#3 Platinum is very malleable 

Platinum being a malleable metal makes the grip of setting stones on the ring super strong and can be shaped without breaking easily. If you want your ring to have some side stones or feature more diamonds like a pave edge, platinum would be the best metal to have a really secure setting and design. 



#2 Platinum is inherently white 

Unlike gold, even white gold, platinum doesn't require any upkeep in terms of replating to clean up any visible spots of wear. Platinum comes in a white base and has an everlasting luster to it, so there is no risk of yellowing!



And finally topping at #1 Platinum NEVER goes out of style!

Platinum is the ultimate metal for bridal jewelry, perfect if you're looking to wear your e-ring daily. It withstands any wear, will never be outdated and is great if you're thinking ahead and want to  pass down your jewelry to generations to come. 



There are so many reasons to love platinum, being so lasting and classic. Is platinum the one for you? 


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