New Diamond Pendant Launch: Tracr x The Clear Cut

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Get ready. . . We have a new launch coming your way, full of innovative technology combined with the beauty of natural diamonds. The Clear Cut has partnered with Tracr to bring you the new Tracr x The Clear Cut Diamond Pendant. Learn more about your natural diamond's story and stand behind a positive change!




The Clear Cut began and still aims to educate and empower the next generation of natural diamond wearers. We are thrilled to have partnered with Tracr to bring greater knowledge of the positive impact your diamond has on the world around you. 

Natural diamonds are formed beneath the earth's surface from billions of years ago. In today's age, we prioritize ethical diamond sourcing and aim to inform others on their diamond purchase. Tracr developed groundbreaking block chain technology that traces each individual natural diamond back to its origin story. From the rough, to its impact on how batches of diamonds served its community, to how it is worn today by you, we have our very own Tracr x The Clear Cut Diamond pendant. 


TRACR x TCC Diamond Pendant

TRACR x TCC Diamond Pendant


We are featuring this new 0.50ct natural diamond pendant which comes with your unique Tracr ID. Go to and enter your Tracr ID and learn about your diamond's story. The Clear Cut proudly and ethically sources from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada. This diamond's ID will tell you everything; which country it was sourced from and how it benefitted that region, to the diamond's planning for cut and polish, to manufacturing for your wear!


TRACR x TCC Diamond Pendant

Tracr x TCC Diamond Pendant in 14k yellow gold chain


When we source natural diamonds out of the rough, we are working with earth's precious materials. Each diamond is unique and goes through lots of examination before it is the stone that you see today. Sometimes one diamond forms from the rough, other times multiple smaller diamonds are created. Nonetheless, there is so much beauty in this totally unique and precise process. 


Once the diamond's plan is in place, the stone goes through its cut and polish, all completed in Botswana. The diamond is manufactured as this pendant, gladly becoming yours to wear!


TRACR x TCC Diamond Pendant


We are honored to be partnered with Tracr to continue proper education around natural diamonds and to learn how our diamonds have served its country of origin like providing healthcare, education and infrastructure development. Our presence in Botswana is one that we cherish. It is an amazing opportunity to help usher in the new standard of ethical sourcing and informing, especially those looking to purchase a natural diamond. 


The Tracr x The Clear Cut pendant is now available for you to discover and wear with pride! We are excited for the next generation of diamond wearers to be part of a positive impact!