New Engagement Ring Styles!

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! We're introducing some new ring styles to create the perfect engagement ring in 2022. 

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Here in New York City, we create custom-made engagement rings that fit your personal style and desires. We are so excited to announce the launch of our new engagement ring settings!


Bezel Set Solitaire

Our first new style is the Bezel Set Solitaire. Bezel settings are going to be super popular this year because they are a chic and modern twist on the classic solitaire setting style. This setting is ideal for those who want a classic style with some contemporary flair. 


Split Shank Solitaire

Another new style we have is the Split Shank, which is one of our most requested styles. It's clear why it's so popular - the single band splits into two as it  connects to the center stone. This style is great for elongated diamond shapes and if you're looking for something unique. 



Twisted Super Skinny Solitaire

We wanted to put a twist on our most popular style, the Super Skinny Solitaire to create the Twisted Super Skinny Solitaire. The twist in the band is a lovely choice that creates more texture and intricacy in the ring. You have the option of having the twisted band entirely plain, or adding alternating pave diamonds in the twisted band. 


Modern Antique

Our new Modern Antique, features NSEW compass prongs that brings out a vintage feel. We also have our signature notches on the ends, as well as the really delicate marquise diamonds on the band. This style is absolutely perfect for any old mine, antique cushion, or old European diamond. 



Toi et Moi

The Toi et Moi style has been really popular over the past few years, and we've had the privilege of creating custom Toi et Moi styles with different shapes and designs. That's why we created our signature Toi et Moi setting for you! 



Defined Round Diamond Band

One of our most popular wedding bands is the Defined Round Diamond Band, which we create by pushing the prongs close together to create the look of a single prong, but with the security of a double prong setting. This allows the round diamond to show its shape and definition really well. Now, we've made this into an engagement ring style! The Defined Round Diamond Solitaire has a bigger diamond look than our classic pave style, and you can really see the individual round diamonds in the band. 



Floating Edge Solitaire

Our Floating Edge Solitaire is another twist on our Super Skinny Solitaire style, and this setting works with any shape. The diamond is set just off the band to create an interesting and modern look to your engagement ring. 



Illusion Wrap Solitaire

Last but not least, the Illusion Wrap Solitaire is a modern alternative for those whole love our hidden halo designs but want something a bit different. This design gives the illusion that the hidden halo is floating, by wrapping the hidden halo without a basket. This setting allows most wedding bands able to sit perfectly flush.   



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