Ready to Ship Engagement Ring Collection

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Today I’m so excited to talk about our new, ready to ship engagement rings! If you have less than enough time for our 6-8 week design process for your ring, this collection is here to save time. From something new and trendy, to older and classic cuts, we have a little bit of everything to choose from in this collection. 



For a golden girl, we have this warm radiant cut yellow diamond in a half bezel setting. In beautiful 18 karat gold, this half bezel setting is such a trend right now, letting the diamond sit in a pretty, stylish frame. This is a great stand-out ring and perfect for someone who loves the bright spotlight. Along with the ring, we have a special sketch of the ring that comes with this order. It's a thoughtful way to be reminded of the sentiment behind your ring and engagement!


Fancy Yellow Engagement Ring

Radiant Yellow Diamond in Half Bezel Setting 



An old European cut diamond can never do wrong! At 1.21ct, this round diamond sits on our "ahead of the curve" band, a sleek and unique design. The diamond majestically floats on the band, perfectly fit for someone who goes with the flow and stands out but in a subtle yet chic way. 


Old European Cut Diamond

Old European Cut on Ahead of the Curve Band



Next, we have two east-west diamonds to look out for as well. In the collection, we have a 1.89ct marquise cut, east-west set solitaire diamond on a two-toned band. This ring has an elegant appeal set in a left to right direction rather than up and down, looking amazing when paired with a wedding band. 


East West Marquise Diamond

East West Marquise Diamond Ring



Another east-west setting is our emerald cut ring. Coming in a platinum setting, the ring shines and will look so sleek on the modern girl. This 2.01ct diamond has enough space to showcase its beautiful facets, which is why the emerald cut is a favorite of many. 


East West Emerald Cut Diamond

East West Emerald Cut Diamond Ring



For something a little more classic, fit for someone who pays attention to detail, we have this 2.58ct antique cushion cut diamond. Not only featuring the culet of an antique cut, this diamond is a solitaire setting on a two-toned band, bringing lots of fine details to the ring's look. 


Antique Cut Diamond

Antique Cut Diamond



Last but not least, and not shy to shine, we have this gorgeous large 3.34ct old European cut diamond. This diamond is sure to be loved by anyone, making the statement simple and timeless. 


Antique Cut Diamond

 Old European Cut Diamond



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