Your Guide to Cushion Cuts

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry!  Today we are talking about the different types of cushion cuts and all of its fascinating patterns. These detailed diamonds have lots of key features that can make all the difference!



Not all cushion cuts are alike, they can be beautifully different in many ways. There are old mine cuts, cushion brilliants and cushion modified brilliants. Faceting patterns, ratios and sizes can vary between each cushion cut diamond.



Starting off with the old mine cut. What gives these diamonds their name is their nonstandardized shape from the 1930’s/1940’s. The old mine cut diamond comes as a rounded-square shape with thicker, chunky facets and a culet. The culet is an old mine cut's signature feature, which is the midpoint facet that looks like a hole in the center (it’s not actually a hole but the illusion of one because of its pattern). Lots of ratios and sizing standards got established with GIA now giving us another category of antique cut diamonds. 


Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond

Old Mine Cut  




Next we have a cushion brilliant, which are basically the cousins to an old mine cut but fall just outside of the really strict standards to be considered antique. Just like a modern round brilliant, cushion brilliant has the intricate facets that give off the desirable sparkly effect but in a cushion shape. Some cushion shapes can be more elongated, some can be more square making cushion brilliant diamonds available in a wide range of shapes but altogether stunning.   


Cushion Brilliant

Cushion Brilliant 




And lastly, the cushion modified brilliant, which almost explains itself. If the cushion diamond has any modifications to its proportions or features, then it falls into this category. A simple facet may be added and this will still make the diamond a cushion modified. To clarify any misunderstandings, not all cushion modified brilliants will give off this “crushed ice” effect, but some might. The facets can be cut so precisely that it creates a really icy, sparkly appearance which is beautiful but keep in mind this is the opposite of an antique cut's appearance. 


Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamond

Cushion Modified Brilliant  




Square cushion cuts are very appealing and elongated cushion cuts have gotten more popular, but because of standards, they’re a little more rare! When you’re deciding for your diamond, keep in mind what you want with the silhouette and the faceting pattern. These features are really important and can be so specific and different between each cushion cut.



Square Cushion Cut Diamond

Square Cushion Cut 



Now that you know all about cushion cuts and what makes each of them different, do you like the classic beauty of an old mine cut or prefer the sparkle of a cushion brilliant or cushion modified brilliant? Being familiar with these differences of this cut gets you closer to the exact diamond that is meant for you! 


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