The Best Wedding Band for Your Bridal Stack

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Looking for the best wedding band style to complement your gorgeous engagement ring? We have suggestions that will make the hunt easier in finding that flattering combination. Read below to discover your dream band!



Congratulations on this new milestone! You're probably engaged and in love with your e-ring, now the next major decision to say YES to is your wedding band. Wedding bands seal the deal and can be worn in many styles. Eternity bands are a popular choice, with lots of smaller diamonds that wrap around the finger fully or half-way. 


To begin your decision-making, use your engagement ring as a guide. What is your current diamond's faceting pattern or cut? This will help you achieve a cohesive pairing between your ring and band if you stick to the same style diamond. 



1. If You Have An  Emerald or Asscher Cut Diamond

If your engagement ring diamond has step cut facets like those of an emerald cut or an Asscher cut, go for an eternity band that features diamonds with the same facets. Take a look at our Low Luxe Emerald Cut Band or our Baguette Band as some options. These bands will flatter your e-ring by thoughtfully choosing a band with like features. 


Low Luxe Emerald Cut Band 


Baguette Band



2. If You Have A Rounded Diamond Shape

For a round shape diamond engagement ring, same thing. Choose rounded diamonds to complement the rounded center stone on your existing ring. For example, with an oval cut diamond engagement ring, keep that feminine flow of the roundedness with round cuts in your wedding band like round brilliants, ovals, cushion cuts even marquises. Some options in bands include our Defined Oval Diamond Band, our Modern Marquise Band, or our Classic Diamond Band. 


Defined Oval Band


Modern Marquise Band


3. Pair Your Pears!

With a fancy cut diamond like a pear shape, especially if you have pear-shape side stones, don't stress about its distinct style. That's what makes a pear shape beautiful! Sticking to the same cut is simple but we also recommend adding flattering round and marquise diamonds to your stack like our Penelope Band or Delilah Band or simply marquise diamonds like our Emma Band. Marquise and pear shapes are like close cousins and will look beautifully coordinated next to each other. 


Penelope Band



Emma Band



4. For the Modern Bezel Bride

If you have a bezel setting for your engagement ring's diamond, complement that sleek style with our Channel Set Baguette Band, or our Pave Edge Band. These pairings will look very put-together next your bezel set diamond!


Pave Edge Band



5. When All Else Fails, Consider Your Engagement Ring Style

Your engagement ring has clues as to what will look good and function the best with certain wedding bands. If you have a solitaire ring, then you're in luck! Solitaires can be paired with practically any type of wedding band, the only hard part is deciding. To narrow it down, maybe opt for a band with similar width to your ring. If you want a band with larger sized diamonds, be careful with diamonds rubbing together. You can avoid damage with a spacer band. A spacer band is an additional band that acts as a barrier between e-ring and wedding band to keep your jewelry safe from friction.


Super Skinny Classic Band 


If you have a three stone ring, this style sits on the center of your finger which takes up plenty of space (which we love) but it will probably not provide a flush fit with other bands even if you wear a spacer band. This is just the nature of design with three stone rings. You can wear your wedding band on the other hand if you find it uncomfortable.

However, we love our signature style for this reason, our flawless fit three stone ring design. This has your diamonds set slightly higher up on the band, allowing space for bands to sit smoothly beneath the ring and still wear your ring and band together!


Get comfortable sorting through the mixes and matches with wedding band to engagement ring. There are infinite possibilities, just remember your options and focus on: your ring style, faceting pattern, metal color and diamond shape. These factors will help guide you on this final decision as a bride!


Shop NEW wedding bands from The Clear Cut here and see which one you'd take home. Class is dismissed!