How To Guide: Necklace Layering

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Today, we want to show you how to perfectly layer your necklace stack! This guide will help you look put-together and tangle-free, effortlessly wear all your favorite necklace pieces together after reading this. 


Layering necklaces together is a great way to style multiple of your favorite pieces for a dynamic and chic look! However, it can be a bit challenging to achieve the perfect stack. It is key to choose the right pieces so we can avoid tangles and messiness. 

1. Avoid Wearing Dainty Chains with Similar Lengths

The first key is to avoid having too many tiny chains next to each other like multiple pendants. Pendants typically are set on a dainty chain and hang right below the collar bone. Wearing too many similar chains in thinness and length can cause tangles and will be such a pain to undo. Try to choose only one dainty chain necklace to avoid this. If you absolutely must combine two delicate necklaces, make sure they are sitting at different levels so they can be seen very clearly. 


Diamond Halo Pendant in White Gold

Classic Pear Pendant in Yellow Gold 



2. Wear A Necklace With A  Thicker Setting Style

Now, you have on your dainty chain, try on a thicker set necklace. This adds variety and a little more sturdiness when you wear it and move around. We love adding a diamond tennis necklace, if you couldn’t already tell ;) We offer so many cuts and styles beyond the signature round diamond look so you can really define your style with something different from the rest! You can wear your tennis necklace higher up as a choker style or somewhere that falls below your pendant. This is where the stack starts to look more eclectic!

Diamond Tennis Necklace with 0.03ctw


Bezel Set Marquise Tennis Necklace



3. Try Out A Chain with Different Texture!

Add another fun chain! Nowadays, gold chains are so creatively designed that you can wear something that speaks for itself and adds lots of texture to your look. A Paperclip Chain Necklace is a great example. This is a different look than smaller chains and keeps things interesting. We also love our Chelsea Chain collection, it helps get the job done while looking super trendy.


Paperclip Chain Necklace


Chelsea Chain Emerald Cut Necklace



4. Have Fun with Style, Color & Pattern

Have fun when pairing your necklaces together!  A Party Choker is a fun style with diamonds or gemstones to add a pop of color. We also love a Diamond Lariat Necklace, this creates different lines and patterns to really show off a standout appearance. 


Diamond Drip Lariat 


Gemstone Party Choker in Pink Sapphire


Whatever exact necklace style you opt for, the real main key is to make sure that these necklaces are each sitting on their own individual level and not invading the look of another. This way you can stay tangle-free and effortlessly put together with your fashionable necklace statement. 

Is your necklace stack ready-to-wear? Shop necklaces here to create your desired look! Class is dismissed!