Your Guide to Toi et Moi Engagement Rings

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! Is a toi et moi engagement ring the one for you? Toi et moi means me and you, so we get to choose two stones to achieve the style. Are you wondering which two shapes to choose? Here is a guide on what pair to get for you. . .and me!



How romantic, a ring that has two stones symbolizing the couple themselves, this is a toi et moi engagement ring. Two stones share the band and sit beautifully on the finger, a great choice if you want to honor each individual person in the relationship!


Princess Cut and Round Brilliant Toi et Moi Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Cut & Round Brilliant Diamond Toi et Moi Engagement Ring 


You have many options with shapes to choose from.  It might seem daunting to pick from a lot of ring possibilities, so we decided to compile a few of our favorite pairs and reasons why! These shapes complement each other and tell a great story. 



Choosing Shape

We suggest doing two shapes that contrast each other but still fit well. Elongated shapes are a great choice because of their dimensions with room on the finger. Typically, these stones are angled to hug each other and fit on the band together. Like a pear shape! If you are choosing a pear shape diamond, we love complementing the rounded bottom portion with another round shape towards its pointed top. A gorgeous pear-ing would be with either a round brilliant, old European, or even a cushion cut diamond!


Pear & Old Mine Cut Toi et Moi Engagement Ring


If you're getting a marquise or emerald cut for your elongated shape, these two cuts are a great option! We love an emerald cut for their straight lines and a marquise for their elongated points. These features go best with another stone whose shape carries a complementary angle. An emerald cut has its well-known step cut faceting pattern, just like an Asscher cut. These two are great pairs because of this same quality, with an Asscher's perfectly square ratio that helps create contrast. 


If you're choosing a marquise, it would pair beautifully next to a princess cut or pear cut. A marquise is a popular shape for this ring style and these two options look great because of their added points. A princess cut is a square shape for nice opposition, a pear shape is a lovely option if you like how a marquise and pear look almost identical. A marquise diamond paired with either of these two shapes create a sharp, regal and very flattering look!


Pear and Marquise Toi et Moi

Pear and Marquise Toi et Moi Ring


Choosing Color

Besides shape, remember color! This is especially important because the two stones will be right next to each other making it very easy to notice any differences in color. If they are different, you can see how one stone will shine more white while the other looks off-white or even yellow. Avoid different colors and choose from within the color grades of D to Z to stay shining bright and white for both!


Add A Gemstone!

But let's say you do want a different color stone, picking a gemstone is a great choice as well! We would recommend rubies or sapphires. Diamonds are the hardest stone and corundum (aka rubies and sapphires) are right below diamonds on the hardness scale. Plus, sapphires come in many different colors so you can choose besides the commonly known blue stone, for either a pink, green or purple sapphire! There are so many color options out there, you will find the right color you're looking for.  If you were thinking of an emerald gemstone, be aware that it is a much softer stone and is very delicate to handle. If you add an emerald, this ring should not be worn for everyday occasions, just to keep the emerald's condition safe!


Pear and Sapphire Toi et Moi Ring

Pear & Sapphire Toi et Moi Engagement Ring


Designing a toi et moi ring is a chance to express your love, allowing you to get super creative in defining the beauty of your relationship! From different shapes, gemstones and positioning on the band, a toi et moi ring is a totally unique design process! 


Oui would like to meet with toi! If you are ready to take the first step in designing your engagement ring, our gemologists are here and ready to set up a booking! Click here!

Class is dismissed!