Tips For Traveling With Your Jewelry

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! In this episode, we go into tips and tricks for packing and storing your jewelry.

Watch the full video below:


It’s always important to keep your jewelry safe and secure for it to last! One of my favorite ways to do this is by using our Luxe Travelers. They are the perfect jewelry case to organize all of your pieces and also keep them safe from tangling or even losing them. Our line of luxe travelers fit every style, from a Baby Blue Traveler to our newest Midnight Traveler there’s sure to be one for you! 



The Luxe Traveler was perfectly designed to fit and store all of your jewelry. It has different compartments for necklaces, studs, bracelets, hoops and rings. The most important rule for storing jewelry is to pack them individually. Especially, for longer daintier necklaces it’s imperative to put them in plastic bags. We recommend placing the necklace in the bag while leaving the clasp out to avoid tangling. Once your piece is in the plastic bag, you can place it in one of the zipped compartments. For tips on how to pack your bracelets, earrings and rings, watch our video! 


Pro tip: We highly recommend not putting your jewelry in any checked bags when traveling because you always want your jewelry close to you. 

Another great accessory to have handy are our Bandits. If you’re traveling, exercising, or engaging in an activity that puts pressure on your rings, the bandit is the way to go! Each bandit has a secret zipper component where you put the ring, zip it up, and wear it on your wrist (or around a water bottle).




Pro tip: No one should be wearing their engagement ring during workouts. Any amount of pressure on the fine metal will make it bend over time!


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