Our Favorite Band Pairings For Our New Signature Styles

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! In this episode, we’re showing you our favorite wedding band pairings for our new signature engagement ring styles! 


Watch the full video below:



One of my favorite ways to set our Bezel Set Solitaire is in yellow gold with an emerald cut. It’s a very modern, sleek, and on trend design. I love incorporating a wedding band that plays on the same style. My favorite pairing would be the Diamond Row Band, a classic style but has the two sides of metal which gives it a bit of edge and plays off the metal on the bezel set. 



Another one of signature styles is the Split Shank Solitaire, I love this setting with a pear shaped diamond. This setting style really complements the elongated center stone. Our Chevron Band is a beautiful complement; it’s dainty enough that it doesn't take away from the design and the point in the chevron complements the pear-shaped point.



Our Modern Antique Engagement Ring is another great setting style for our vintage-loving people! It’s a beautiful modern ring with an antique twist. There are notes of vintage styles: the north, south, east and west prongs and also the small marquees with the notches on the side. The perfect complement to our Modern Antique Ring would be a whimsical feminine band, like our Penelope Ring. It gives it the play with the marquee stones on the band and the marquis side stones on the ring giving it an overall delicate feel. 


One of the most popular new signature designs is our French Accent Solitaire. The French Accent Solitaire is a great setting style if you don’t know whether you prefer a three stone ring or a solitaire. The perfect wedding band pairing ring for this signature engagement ring would be our Baguette Band. The straight baguettes on the eternity band perfectly complement those on the engagement ring setting.


Our Floating Edge Solitaire is a unique take on our super skinny solitaire. It basically takes any shape diamond and offsets it off the band. This gives you an amazing opportunity to pair any wedding band you would like because it will sit perfectly with your engagement ring. I really like taking this opportunity to wear a thicker band like our Burnished Diamond Band



We hope you love these pairings as much as we do! Shop all of our wedding bands here.