Wedding Guest Jewelry

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Today, we’re discussing our favorite jewelry pieces to wear as a wedding guest this summer. 


Watch the full video below:



What pieces can you wear to make a statement but not outshine the bride? My favorite pieces to wear are classic and timeless pieces! For example, Diamond Studs are my go-to and are sure to look amazing with any outfit.



Other classic pieces that always look great with an off the shoulder dress would be a Tennis necklace or a Riviera necklace. Subtle, classic, and can be paired with a nice Tennis bracelet. It layers well with your other pieces. 



For low-cut necklines, the lariat would be perfect. It’s delicate, sexy, and feminine. The Diamond Drip Lariat, Pear Drop Lariat, and Heart Lariat are all amazing options. These can be paired with a tennis necklace or another gold chain as well.



If you’re looking for an earring with some bling, then our Inside Out Diamond Hoops are perfect for you! I’d say hoops are more casual than a stud or a drop earring and are perfect to wear in the summertime.



If you’re looking to go a bit more formal, then our Athena Drop Earrings are some of our favorites. Super delicate, organic, and feminine. 



Another thing I look forward to in weddings are conversation-starting pieces. Within our ring collection we have the Olivia Ring, Irene Toi et Moi, and Batsheva Ring. Strike up a conversation with a new friend or a love interest! Who knows? 



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