What Makes Us Different

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! Today we are talking about what makes the clear cut different and why our clients love shopping with us for their engagement ring process. 💍


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Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest financial purchases a young person can make.

When you embark on the engagement ring process it can be extremely stressful.


Here is what the traditional e-ring process looks like:


1. One of the options is going to a traditional retail store where you are pushed something directly out of the box and you most likely will overpay.


Traditional Retail Store Shop


2. Another option if you do not want to overpay is going to an online marketplace where there are hundreds of thousands of diamonds without any guidance.


Diamond Ring Online Market Place


3. Another less desirable option might be "knowing a guy".




this might be a little sketchy and if you are in an industry that needs to know a guy to that industry, then that industry is set for disruption.


The Clear Cut Solves all of these Pain Points. 


Our clients don't want something cookie cutter out of the box. They know exactly what they want for their dream ring so they will not settle and will not overpay.

When a client embarks on the process with The Clear Cut you are always set up with a 30 minute phone consultations with a graduate gemologist who understand your preferences and price-point.


Couple on a call with a gemologist 

We set you up in our proprietary software: our gem portal. This is where you'll have direct access to your gemologist and all your options.



On the back end, we are curating a selection of diamonds according to your preferences and value.


  • None of us work on commission, so have no incentive to push a diamond over another diamond. Our goal is to make sure you get the best diamond at the best value.

  • We look at each diamond in person here at our NYC studio. Once it passes our inspection we show it to you.

  • Every single diamond is looked by an expert. We act as your expert eyes. Once you choose your diamond you are able to make a custom ring specifically for that diamond. Each ring is hand made here in NYC. 

The setting process takes about 3- 4 weeks. Once that is complete its delivered to your door with the GIA certificate in a beautiful  packaging.


diamodn ring


You will also be able to download your retail insurance appraisal right in your gem portal. At the Clear Cut, we are here to be your expert eyes, find you the perfect diamond, create your dream ring at the best value.


We are here to be your jeweler for life! 💎


Ready to start designing your dream engagement ring with us?