Clear Cut Classroom: Rebecca and Jonathan

Rebecca and Jonathan met online. It was love at first text, really. The first time that they texted, they spoke non-stop for 5 hours! Crazy thing is, they had over 100 mutual friends, lived in the same town, and never even heard of one another. NYC is way too big!

Jon was playing hard to get - after texting for 2 weeks he finally asked her out on a date to watch Minions (Despicable Me spinoff) at the theaters and to get dinner after. It turned out the Grimaldi's in Douglaston Plaza was cash only and he didn't bring cash! They laughed about it, she paid for the dinner and then they decided to get some drinks after. Rebecca still makes fun of him to this day. Rest assured... he always carries cash with him now! They have been together for 5 and a half years now! 

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! Before they were "official," they took a road trip to Boston in August to visit a mutual friend, Fulton. Fulton was Jon’s best friend and Rebecca’s elementary school friend! Again, a really small world! Her parents thought that she was crazy, going on a road trip with essentially a "stranger" (she had only known Jon for a month at that point). But she trusted him and they both loved to travel. After hanging out with Fulton for a few days, they made their way back home and spontaneously visited Rebecca’s aunt and uncle who live in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. They ate dinner with them and stood outside afterwards to watch the sunset. On the 4 hour drive back, Jon asked her to be his girlfriend :) The rest is history!

Rebecca took the Bar Exam last year, October 2020 (which she passed!). The weekend right after her exam, they went camping with a bunch of her friends. This trip was pre-planned so she wasn't too suspicious or anything. Jon got off work early, met her at her house, and kept telling her that he was so tired. He wanted to take a nap, he wanted to shower, he wanted to relax... he stalled so much time! Rebecca started getting impatient because it was their first time camping and she didn't want to get lost or drive up there in the dark! On the drive upstate to Kenneth Wilson Campgrounds, he purposely made wrong exits and wrong turns. “I wanted to kill him! The GPS was right in front of his face!” Then, they got to the campgrounds and she saw this beautiful setup and literally said "wow, that's so pretty.” They started walking there and she suddenly realized it was for her. She was just thinking the whole time "no way, this can't be for me, wow, what? How is this possible?" He proposed, put the ring on her finger, and they celebrated the rest of the weekend without service, closed off from the rest of the world with their closest friends. It was absolutely beautiful!

Rebecca was very specific with what she wanted with her ring. She took part in the planning process, but after the initial call with Olivia, she decided to be more hands-off. She said, “It turned out absolutely perfect and it was EXACTLY how I imagined it. Thank you Clear Cut!!!” They are getting married in July 2022 with over 300 guests! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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