Clear Cut Couples: Alyanna and Jonathan

Alyanna and Jonathan (Jonny) met each other in high school around their freshmen year. They would always see each other in the hallways and for some reason, they would just instantly lock eyes with each other at the same time and smile. They never had the same classes nor did they have the same group of friends, but they were always friends on MySpace & Facebook.

For their first date, they had been constantly texting and talking to each other on the phone for a couple of weeks. On the first day of spring break of their junior year, Jonny got his driver's license and asked her to hang out that day. It was totally unexpected since Alyanna didn't know he was even taking his driver's license test that day. They ended up going to Zelzah Park. This was the first time they hung out with each other knowing that they liked one another. It was a perfect day of just talking and getting to know each other more. The following day, they went to go watch Insidious at the theaters and had In-N-Out after. They celebrated their 10th anniversary on May 4th, 2021! Four years into their relationship, they moved to Phoenix from Los Angeles to attend ASU together for their last 2 years of their undergraduate studies. They have been living in sunny Phoenix for almost 6 years now!

There are so many highlights in their relationship that have made a tremendous impact on the love and respect that they have for each other. A special moment that Alyanna holds dear in her heart is when they were still in college. She was working two jobs and had 5 classes in one semester. She remembers being so stressed out after coming home from a long day at work and having to study for one of her midterms. She was on the couch stressed out and was on the verge of tears since she knew that if she failed the upcoming exam that she would not be able to pass the class. Jonny turned on some music and told her to get up from the couch and asked her to dance with him. They slow-danced in silence for a few minutes in their living room and she said, “I remember feeling the sense of peace being in his arms and felt that everything will be alright.”

Another highlight in their relationship was in the beginning of the pandemic. Jonny and his cousin started their business in April. For the first 3 months, he was working 12 hours every day and did not have any days off. When he would come home, Alyanna would have dinner ready every night (mind you, before he started his business she only cooked 6 times a year at most! Jonny is the cook in the household.) They would eat at the dining room table every night and catch up with each other on how their day was. Having that uninterrupted hour was very special to both of them. They now make it a habit to eat at the dining room table instead of the couch at least 3 times a week without their phones to be present with each other.

Jonny proposed on February 27, 2021. He planned a date for them to take their dog, Oreo, to Zelzah Park. They have been talking about taking Oreo there since it holds a special place in their hearts and they know with Oreo's heart condition he won't have much time left. This park is also where they had their first date. They picked up paninis from their favorite place in the valley and set up a picnic at the park. After they ate, he asked her, "Are you ready?" while he was pulling something out of his pocket. At this moment, she thought "Oh my god! This is it!" Instead, he pulled out a paper note from his pocket and handed it to her to read it. At the end of the note, he asked her to look at him once she’s ready to go to the next place. In her mind, she was so confused since she had no idea where she was going or where he was going to ask. So, they packed everything up and walked back to the car.

When they got to the second destination, it was Reseda Point. Rewind almost 10 years ago, this was the place where they went to on the very last day of their Spring Break back in high school. She remembers on this day that they were kind of anxious and sad since they didn't want spring break to end because it almost felt like saying goodbye. Alyanna remembered that they were standing and he held her from the back and just looked out at the view trying to figure out if this would work when school started. Looking back at it now, she said “I don't know why we were so anxious!”

Going back to the proposal, Reseda Point is located on the top of a hill where you can see the view of the San Fernando Valley. It was windy and kind of chilly and she was ready to go back to the car for their next destination! He then asked her to wait a little bit and just look out at the view, then he asked me "Are you ready?" She said yes and he pulled out a second note! At the end of the note, he said once she’s ready, to look at him and kiss him. After she kissed him, he got on his knees and said a long speech of how he's ready for the next steps in their lives.

Alyanna said that it was sort-of-a surprise, but she already had a suspicion that Jonny was going to ask. The weekend before, he asked to go home to California to celebrate his mom's birthday. For the past 6 years that they have been living together not once had they done that, so she was a little suspicious since she was also aware that he was in touch with Olivia from The Clear Cut in January. “I was surprised by the ring! I already knew the style of the ring since I was the one who told him to hit up The Clear Cut. But boy was I surprised with the diamond he chose! It's perfect and beautiful!” As for their wedding, they are planning to have a small intimate wedding in Hawaii sometime next year with their family and a few close friends. They flew to Hawaii in May for their 10th year anniversary and venue hunting! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!




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