Clear Cut Couples: Dominique and Matt

Dominique and Matt met in college at UCSB. Matt was on the volleyball team and had stayed for a 5th year. They finally crossed paths through mutual friends during the spring quarter of their last year at a bar in Isla Vista called Study Hall.

They went to a sorority date party together and had hung out here and there but their first formal date took a while. After college, Matt offered to help her move her stuff from Santa Barbara to her new apartment in Brentwood. He’s rather tall and looked like he could carry boxes a lot more successfully than she could so she took him up on the offer. Once in Brentwood he asked to take her out to dinner, like a real dinner, not like the casual shared plate of Freebirds nachos that they were familiar with in college. They both remember being super nervous because, although they knew each other quite well already, this dinner seemed to mark the transition from college friends to dating in the real world. Dominique said, “I think it's safe to say the date went very well!”

Matt ended up (accidently) proposing on exactly 4 and a half years of being together. Neither of them realized the timing until a few days later! They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! Some of their favorite memories include trips to Hawaii with family and spending weekends at Dominique’s  mom’s house. Santa Barbara will forever be one of their favorite towns, and they love heading up the road to Paso Robles to taste wine with friends. On any average weekend, they like to stay in Manhattan Beach (where they live) and take advantage of living near the beach and walking distance to their favorite restaurant, Love & Salt.

Matt proposed on 2.27.21 in Riverside CA. Dominique’s mom lives in an old historic home on an orange grove and had asked them to puppy sit while she was gone. They had invited a small group of their friends to come with them for the weekend and have a pizza night in the outdoor kitchen. While they were prepping the food, Matt called her down to the sunken garden that is right off the side of the kitchen and proposed with all of their closest friends right up the steps.

It was a total surprise, not just to Dominique, but to many of their friends watching as well! She thinks that she must have asked “What’s happening?” and “What are you doing?” about 5 times! She said, “The ring is everything I could have dreamt of and more!” As for their wedding, they are planning to tie the knot at Dominique’s mom’s house in fall of 2022.

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