Clear Cut Couples: Adam and Sydney

Adam and Sydney met through a mutual friend in 2011. Adam lived on the Central Coast of California and Sydney lived in the Central Valley of California (approximately a 2.5 hour drive). They became good friends and would make road-trips to hang out with each other for a little over a year before they realized that they had feelings for each other.

When they finally came clean about their feelings for each their first date was to a popular Chinese restaurant in Sydney’s tiny Central Valley town that they would frequent as “just friends,” but it definitely felt different that time. They were both giddy and couldn’t stop smiling! They ordered their usual L9 specials and discussed plans for their summers. Since then, they have been together for over 8 years! They were long distance for 7 of the years and have just experienced their first year of living together in the Bay Area of California!

As they look back on their relationship over the past (almost) 8 years there are lots of special memories to mention. They have been able to support each other through both their undergraduate time as well as graduate school and receiving their Master's degrees.. and beginning their careers. They thoroughly enjoy traveling and have been able to explore Hawaii a few times, the Oregon coast, Mexico, hiking through multiple national parks in California, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, etc. They have been lucky enough to explore Spain and Portugal and make incredible memories with family.

Adam is a master of surprises. He has surprised Sydney with lots of adventures including hot air balloon rides, wine tasting throughout Napa valley, graduation trips, etc. Sydney said, “That may be one of the highlights of our relationship. We never stop adventuring. We love trying new things and are not afraid to explore outside of our comfort zones. We enjoy being silly, laughing and cracking jokes constantly.”

Adam had the ring since September/October of 2019. He had tried to plan and carry out the proposal multiple times—during the holidays, the new year, almost every month since he had received it, but something always went wrong (plans changed, weather, COVID-19, etc). They wanted to visit his parents on the Central Coast of California and planned to leave Friday afternoon (May 1st). They were driving down the 101 and Adam turned onto the 1–anyone who lives in California knows that this will add on at least an extra hour of driving time along the coast. Sydney immediately questioned the route choice and he could tell she knew something was up. They drove past Monterey and then Carmel and he turned off on a trail overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful day, so they went for a walk and saw lots of wildlife (lizards, a snake, butterflies, rabbits, caterpillars) they continued walking and looking at all of the beautiful flowers and homes on the cliffs. They arrived at a beautiful clearing with views of the beach -- they had the whole place to themselves!

Sydney said, “Adam started telling me really sweet things and asking me questions that made me start to get nervous. His hands were shaking and then he got down on one knee and proposed! We were both giggling and crying and Adam was still down on his knee asking me ‘Is that a yes? Yes?’ I had forgotten to say yes! Of course I said yes. We made it back to the car and continued driving for the next few hours without service which was actually really nice. There was no pressure to tell people right away and we got to enjoy our time together because, of course, I had a million questions to ask him.”

Adam said, “I had been in communication with one of Sydney’s best friends prior to the proposal and she knew the plan. She ended up getting in touch with a few of Sydney’s other best friends who planned and created a special surprise video containing tons of her friends and loved ones who had sent in videos of congratulatory messages, advice and just pure excitement and love. This was played for us by my mom (who was also in on the plan) when we got to their home. Sydney was in tears!”

Sydney loves the ring and couldn’t stop staring at it for the rest of the car ride. She said, “I was so happy! I had given him plenty of examples of what I liked (I have been following The Clear Cut for a few years so he’s received lots of inspiration)—something simple and classic. He and The Clear Cut absolutely nailed it! It is gorgeous!”

They are hoping to continue soaking up the happiness and excitement for another few weeks before they begin wedding planning. They would love to have a small and relaxed wedding outdoors in the springtime or even fall of 2021, but things are so up in the air with COVID-19 they may wait a bit longer and see if it all calms down before they set anything in stone.