Clear Cut Couples: Kyle and Courtney

Kyle and Courtney met at a lacrosse game... which was an foreshadowing of their future since Kyle is now a men's college lacrosse coach!! Their first date was in the summer of 2015. It was very low-key; they hung by Kyle's pool & played some yard games. Since then, they have been together for over five years! Courtney said, “I will always remember the first 'I love you', Christmas morning at 2:30am after a few drinks (lol)! Good news is he said it back!”

They continued to date long distance for about two and a half years prior to moving in together. After living together for three years now, they still appreciate the small things, like waking up to one another. AWW! They adopted a greyhound, Dylan, in the fall of 2017. Their worlds definitely revolve around her -- she is spunky, sassy, lazy and affectionate. She completes their little family and they can't imagine life without her!

Kyle proposed on a Monday night in December right in their kitchen and it was perfect. Courtney was cooking dinner when he got home from work and out of nowhere, he got down on one knee. Courtney said, “It was raw, unconventional, and natural. I always felt it was important that our engagement was a true reflection of us. By doing it in our apartment Kyle created an intimate, easy, and comfortable environment that allowed us to celebrate just the two of us.”

It was a complete surprise! Courtney had accidentally found a pamphlet from The Clear Cut earlier that day which caught her off guard and she was constantly asking Kyle if he was in contact with Olivia since she had met with her over the summer, but had no idea he had started the process himself.

She said, “After I stopped hysterically crying I finally got a good look at the ring, and started to cry again. Although I was very involved in the creation of the ring I still could not believe what was on my hand. It was stunning. Months later, I continue to be distracted by my hand on a daily basis.”

Considering the state of the world currently, they have chosen to shy away from planning for now. They want to give couples with upcoming celebrations the opportunity to reschedule their big days before they worry about theirs. They will most likely plan a wedding for summer of 2022 at a winery on Long Island. They are excited to not only plan, but celebrate with their loved ones! And yes, Dylan will be the flower girl Congrats you two!!