Clear Cut Couples: Alex and Maria

Alex and Maria met when she was 19 and he was 21. Maria knew that Alex had his eye on her before she knew him. He had seen her on campus and at his fraternity house a few times before they officially met on a mountain trip at Big Bear Lake in California. Originally, she wasn't planning on going but agreed to go to play wing woman for her best friend who had eyes for another guy on the trip. Little did Maria know that she would meet her 'one' that weekend.


Before the trip, while going through the list of attendees, Alex told a few of his fraternity brothers that he thought she was cute and was excited to try to hang out with her in the mountains.


The moment that she met Alex, she was sitting with her girlfriends on the couch, minding her own business when Alex came up to her (dancing) and asked to kiss her on the cheek. She was SHOCKED and started laughing and said no! She didn't know him yet, but they became fast friends after that and were quickly inseparable.


Their first date has always been up for debate. The first time Alex asked her out was to join him in an errand to a fish store to stock up his fish tank (not the Cinderella moment she had imagined for herself lol). He picked her up from her sorority house, got his fish food, and dropped her back off. Mission accomplished. This was also the first time she called him by his first name, instead of his last name. Breaking major friend zone barriers! Their official first date was at a casual Italian order-at-the-counter restaurant by the beach. They both knew that they wanted to break through the friend zone and this was their first successful attempt at dating.


They have made a world of memories in their last 10 years. But the most special are in their day to day lives. They love eating at their dinner table together every night. They love going to their special hole-in-the-wall sushi spot. They hit the gym together throughout the week and love their Friday date night ritual. They prioritize walking their dog and talking about their days together each evening. It's the little memories that you don't even realize you are making that end up being the glue to last you an eternity!


They went back to where they first met, in Big Bear Lake, California for the weekend to celebrate their 10 year meet-iversary. The morning went along in a very normal way: they went to breakfast, walked along the lake and then headed to a spot to play frisbee with their dog. After a few frisbee throws, Alex turned to her and said "Boon and I have something for you" and reached into his pocket. While he got down on one knee, so did Boon!


Maria was so surprised. She was shocked at how quickly Alex was able to design a ring. They had tried on rings late October and with the holidays, logistically, she was sure February was too soon. Little did she know, he got right to work and designed her dream ring just in time for their 10 year anniversary trip. On top of that, with the day starting so 'normal' that she didn't catch on until the moment he got down on one knee.


She said, “I can't believe I get to wear this ring everyday for the rest of my life!! The Clear Cut did an amazing job and made it easy for Alex to bring his vision to life, even from across the country!” As for their wedding, they are moving in their own way and enjoying calling each other 'fiance' every chance they get. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


Photos by: @gabbieburseth