Clear Cut Couples: Alexa and Craig

Alexa and Craig met through a dating app, but had several mutual friends in each of their circles. Because of that, before even meeting, it felt as though they knew that they would like each other. Their first date was on February 12th, 2018 at Elsa in Brooklyn. They had planned to meet there around 6:30pm since they were going to a Brooklyn Nets game as part of the date at 7:30. Craig is usually the one to get places very early, but in this instance, he was actually running slightly late because of rush hour traffic. Alexa on the other hand (who is always late), showed up way too early and had to kill time at a Sephora nearby. Off to a hot start...

Craig got to Elsa first and remembered feeling so awkward since he had not been on a blind date before and was dead sober, which made his nerves really come out. Alexa then arrived and he remembered instantly smiling when he was able to put a physical face to a digital name from the app. When they sat down for their first drink, this is where he still claims, “I knew there was going to be something there.” They chatted for a bit about all their mutual friends and made their way over to the game which was just a quick walk down the street. They had a blast and stayed for most of the game. On their way back, Craig got them an Uber, and the plan was for the car to drop them off at Craig’s apartment and then Alexa was going to head back to hers from there. However, Craig "accidentally" left his phone in the Uber and he needed to use Alexa's phone to contact Uber to get his phone back. Because of this, Alexa was stuck with him for a little while longer while they waited for the driver to bring his phone back, and in that time, they shared their first kiss, and the rest is history. They have been together for three years since!

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! They always talk about this amazing Sunday they had early on. A few months into the relationship, Craig went on a family vacation to Mexico. After a week of separation, they both realized that they actually missed each other. That Sunday after he returned, the weather was perfect. Breezy, but warm in the sun. They went for brunch at Suprema in West Village, followed by a walk around Washington Square Park. There was a really good pianist playing and they sat and listened to music while the sun was shining down. They eventually made their way to Village Tavern for a few beers and played Big Buck Hunter with a couple of friends. “This is where I realized Alexa has a very competitive side. We didn’t want the day to stop there, so we made a reservation at Rosemary’s, where we had the perfect ending to the perfect day. We both still look back on this Sunday and remember it as the day we started to fall for each other.”

They also both love to travel. During their first summer together, they went to Cabo San Lucas for Craig’s birthday. Then, for Alexa’s birthday in September 2018 they went to Italy, which was their absolute favorite trip to this day. They stayed in Portofino, Florence, Tuscany, Venice and Milan. Another notable vacation they took was to Switzerland in Fall 2019, where they stayed in Grindelwald, Lucerne and Zurich. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to explore any new countries this year due to COVID, but are looking forward to booking something special the moment they can safely do so.

They also love golfing together! Craig joined a country club early this year – Fiddler’s Elbow in Bedminster, NJ - where they went at least once to twice a week this Summer/Fall and even played in the Couples Championship Tournament which was an absolute blast.

Craig proposed on December 11, 2020. His plan was to propose in Europe sometime in the Fall. However, with COVID, that wasn't going to be an option and he didn't want to wait another year. So instead, he was trying to think of potential places, and ways to make it feel just as special. Given it was winter and their apartment was decorated nicely for the holidays and has a really pretty backdrop of the East River, he felt that the apartment could be something special for the proposal. With the idea in mind, he needed to figure out execution. He booked a dinner reservation for 7:30pm over in Meatpacking to allow for enough distance and time for what was about to get set-up in the apartment. After they left for dinner, Craig’s family snuck into their apartment and decorated it absolutely beautifully!

When they were done, Alexa and Craig made their way back from dinner. He needed to figure out a way to get upstairs before she did. Luckily, she was dealing with a package delivery issue with the doorman, which allowed for him to get the head start he needed, get settled and calm his nerves. The set up was absolutely stunning – his family did an amazing job – he said, “I couldn’t wait for her to make her way up.”

When she opened the door, she walked in with four huge boxes overwhelming her and she kept repeating “What is this?” in a very exciting tone. Then she walked down the floral path and he was there waiting for her with a ring in hand and proposed.

It was a huge surprise! Alexa had a feeling that he would propose to her in the next year or so but was not expecting it to happen this year. She was beyond excited. It was a very special moment for the both of them. Alexa absolutely loves the ring. She said she always wanted an oval with a micro pave gold band and the ring is everything she ever wanted and more. “I couldn’t be more grateful for what we ended up picking out!”

They recently handed in their wedding contract! They are actually getting married at Fiddler's Elbow Country Club. During COVID, when they were stuck indoors, Fiddler's really became their second home and they began golfing nearly every weekend. It felt right having this be the venue for the wedding. Congrats you two!

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