Clear Cut Couples: Alexandra and Shane

Alexandra and Shane met when they were 18 years old, during their senior year of high school. They went to neighboring schools and had mutual friends, but never met! One day, Alexandra saw Shane pop up on Facebook as 'Friends You May Know,' and she decided to send a friend request! Shane accepted and sent her a message to say "Hi!" And the rest was history!

After their first Facebook conversation, they exchanged numbers and started chatting every day leading up to winter break. Shane asked her out on a date just after Christmas. They picked Monday Movie night at their local cinema as their date spot. They saw "The Fighter," but were so excited to meet that they talked to each other through the entire movie. They knew date number two would have to be dinner, so that they didn't have to whisper.

They have been together for over 11 years. They did long distance through college and as graduation approached they knew that they wanted to move somewhere together. Alexandra ended up receiving a job offer in New York City and shortly after, Shane did as well. They moved to the city and have been living on the Upper East Side together six years ago and have been there ever since.

They have been incredibly lucky to have spent so many years together and have shared countless special memories. Their favorite memories started back in college. Being long-distance, they would plan as many weekends as they could to visit each other on campus. They got to spend more time together, show each other their favorite spots around the schools, and made incredible friendships with each other's roommates.

As they moved for the first time together, they felt lucky to experience the city together. They fell in love with Manhattan and stumbled upon different restaurants, bars, and parks that have become their favorite spots to go to together. The city has also offered so many new adventures for them together. They love trying new places for date night, going to shows all across the city, and soaking up every moment they have here together. One day in New York City, Alexandra will never forget when they found their current apartment. The moment that they walked in, Alexandra knew it was going to be their perfect home and now it holds the best memory, their engagement.

They also love to travel together! They will never forget going to Europe for the first time together. They traveled to Amsterdam and loved every moment of being there! From riding bikes in the park to exploring different parts of the city it was amazing. And they can't wait to travel back there soon!

They also love exploring the area around NYC! This past fall, they rented a car and drove up to the Catskills. They both have always wanted to see the foliage and adorable little towns in upstate New York. They will never forget the feeling of driving around on a crisp fall day and seeing the colors of the leaves. They hope to make it a yearly trip!

Shane proposed the night of April 30th! They had a plan to go on a date to their favorite restaurant in the neighborhood, Pil Pil, and then to a comedy show at The Comic Strip. Dinner was so wonderful and the show was very funny, but she could tell Shane was acting a little different. She didn't know why, but could tell he was just ready for the show to wrap up and head back home. After the show, Alexandra asked if he wanted to try a new bar near the show, but he said they should just head home instead. She didn't know at the time, but Shane wanted to propose at their apartment. They have many memories of making cocktails together and listening to music in their place, he knew it would be the perfect spot. After they got back home, Shane made them their favorite cocktails and they started to talk about the show and their favorite acts. He made an excuse to leave the room and when he came back, he got down on one knee.

Alexandra was so surprised! Being together for such a long time, they had talked about this day throughout the years but when it happened, Alexandra was just incredibly excited and happy! She said, “The ring was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. We spoke before about what I always envisioned but when he opened the box and I saw it I just could not believe my eyes. It was as if he took the ring out of my mind and made it a reality.”

Right now they are just enjoying being engaged and look forward to setting a date soon! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!