Clear Cut Couples: Geoff and Jamie

Geoff was in Atlantic City for his brother-in-law's bachelor party and Jamie was there celebrating a friend's birthday. While it's a constant argument between the two as to who talked to who first that evening at the bar, hours of conversation led them to realize they only lived a few blocks from each other in Manhattan. At the end of the night they exchanged numbers promising to see each other again soon.

The week after meeting, Geoff texted Jamie asking her to get dinner at Gemma, an Italian restaurant in the Bowery neighborhood of New York City. Dinner and drinks followed and it was clear there was an undeniable spark. As Jamie's best friend likes to say - Jamie called her shortly after the date and said "I think I found my soulmate".

They have been together since November 2018 so four years since! They have shared countless incredible memories over the years. The highlights and memories are endless.

- Traveling the world (Mexico, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and all across the US)

- Surviving the pandemic together in Jamie's sister's vacant studio apartment

- Moving in together on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

- Countless hours of being together alone on the couch while one watches Bravo and the other watches sports.

Jamie thought Geoff was back in Connecticut helping his mom for the weekend. Little did she know - he was actually staying at her childhood home in the city. The plan from there was that her mom invited her sister and her over for dinner to celebrate her sister's recent wedding. Thankfully the weather held up and as Jamie was on her way - her mom sent a text saying to meet on the roof for some cocktails before dinner. Jamie opened the roof on the stairwell to be surprised by her and Geoff's family with roses telling her to follow the rose path. At the end of that path, Geoff was waiting to ask her the big question. In the shadow of the Empire State Building and after some tears were shed - Jamie said Yes!

It was a complete surprise! As to the ring - to quote Jamie: "It's perfect". They are planning to get married in the Spring of 2024. While they hope to secure a venue spot and date sometime soon, they are going to wait until Jamie graduates with her Masters of Social Work from Fordham University in May 2023 to get deep into the wedding planning!

Photos by @nicolefara


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