Clear Cut Couples: Cody and Ivy

Cody and Ivy met at work! Ivy was managing a territory that bordered Cody’s. Fun fact: she was hired for a position that he also applied for, and she beat him out for it! Needless to say, he wasn't her biggest fan at first!

Their first one on one date was at a Florida Georgia Line concert. It was in her hometown that she drove them, right after he had just had a back procedure done. They had a blast at the concert which ended with a funny story that she loves to hold over his head. Cody was unfamiliar with the area, and the line for the buses to get back to the car was quite long and rowdy. He opted to have them walk! Little did he know, it was about a 2 mile walk down a legitimate mountain to get back to the car. Neither Ivy nor Cody’s back were very happy with him that evening!

They stayed at her parents house that night, so in the same night that they went to a great concert and had an unintentional hike, he also met her parents for the first time. He didn't know until later, but he gave a good enough impression for Ivy's mom to push her to give him a chance! Since then, they have been together for over 2 and a half years.

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! One of the biggest factors of their relationship has been COVID. They started dating roughly 6 months prior to the onset of the pandemic, so they were basically thrown headfirst into a lockdown together. This allowed them to really learn about each other and themselves, and allowed them to further their relationship as a whole. Within that time, they have been to Aruba twice, went on two cruises, and have traveled to Hawaii and have taken numerous domestic trips. They both have a love for traveling, and have been able to truly express that. They also moved in together in a completely new city and both started new jobs as well. Additionally, they also adopted a cat...or, as they say, the cat adopted them! His name is Everest, and he has kept them on their toes ever since. His brother came as a package deal with Ivy, and has grown to tolerate the new kitten on the block over time!

The proposal just happened on 4.16.22 while they were vacationing in Aruba. This was a family trip that ended up being the perfect opportunity to pop the question. Cody enlisted the help of Ivy’s Mom, brother, and sister to set up the surprise. While they were at dinner, her brother planted a bottle which contained a poem that he had written for her inside an Aruba sign that they would take pictures in front of. They told Ivy that they were going to take family photos, but they had to wait for the kids. Cody told her that they would take a photo of just the two of them first. As they got to the sign, Cody "saw" the bottle and mentioned how someone had left trash there. Upon inspection, she realized that it was actually a message in a bottle! She proceeded to open it and read the letter, which concluded with him dropping to a knee and asking her to marry him. AWW!

Ivy had no idea that it was happening. She had some suspicions that it could happen on a later trip with her family in May, but had no clue it would take place in Aruba!

She absolutely loves her ring. It encompasses all of the design elements that she was looking for (...and all of the images and links she kept sending Cody on Instagram)!

As for their wedding, they would love to have a destination wedding and a large "reception" when they got home and invite all of their friends and family that could not make it to the destination. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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