Clear Cut Couples: Amanda and Brandon

Amanda and Brandon went to the same college and had similar friends post-college in San Francisco, but somehow never met each other despite 8 years of likely crossing paths. They finally met when Amanda had a joint birthday party with one of her guy friends, who was Brandon's roommate at the time. When they first met, she said, “I never expected it to turn into anything serious - we always joke that thank God Brandon was so persistent - it took him months & months of pursuing before we actually started dating!”

For their first date, Brandon took her to a cocktail bar in San Francisco that ended up being closed for a private event when they got there (this also happened on their second date!) so Amanda ended up choosing the bar! They have been together for over a year & half - quarantine definitely accelerated things! They were officially dating for about 4 months when COVID hit, and after 3 months of being quarantined together in her tiny studio apartment (and still liking each other), they knew it was a good sign!

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! Moving in together last June was definitely a relationship highlight. Amanda said, “getting to hang out with your best friend everyday is just the best!” They recently moved from San Francisco to Sacramento, and are excited about this new chapter!

For the proposal, it was Brandon's birthday weekend, so they were in San Diego visiting family, and had plans to go sailing in San Diego on his uncle's sailboat. They had both of their families onboard, and were cruising around the bay for a few hours.

At one point, someone mentioned that they should take a “titanic photo” at the front of the boat as a joke, and when they were at the front, with their sisters taking the “titanic” photos, he got down on one knee and proposed! And thank god the ring didn't fall in the ocean! Amanda was already in shock at the proposal, and then the sailboat pulled up to Portside Pier, and a group of their closest friends were all waving to them from the rooftop bar to celebrate - it was the best surprise & best day ever!

Amanda was on the first consultation call with The Clear Cut, so she knew that Brandon was actively ring shopping, but she didn't know when it would happen. The weekend of the proposal, she was hoping it would happen, but her friends & family threw her off SO much that she had totally given up hope, and she was totally surprised! The ring is SO above & beyond what she was hoping for - “Brandon & The Clear Cut absolutely killed it!”

They’re getting married in San Diego in June 2022! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!