Clear Cut Couples: Andrea and Joe

Andrea and Joe met at work while she was doing an internship in Chicago. During the first week, they were taken to a Cubs game where they realized that they were the only people that didn’t know others. They got to talking and realized that they had a lot of things in common and the rest is history.

Although Joe took her out for casual drinks at a rooftop in Chicago called Cindys before, their first official date was at a Mexican restaurant in Chicago called Broken English in Lincoln Park. She was too nervous to eat so they got to talking and made a bet during a basketball game. She lost the bet as Lebron James scored and this led to tequila shots and her having to say that he was the best player in the world! LOL! Since then, they have been together for over 4.5 years!

One of their favorite memories was a 10-day road trip that they took across the West Coast. They flew from Chicago to San Francisco where they spent a few days exploring the woods. Then they drove to Napa for some wine and drove north across Oregon and Washington where they stopped at multiple National Parks such as Crater Lake, Mount Hood, and Mount Rainier. They got to share so many special moments by the beach and watch the sunset every day.

Joe surprised Andrea with a proposal on Friday, January 7th, 2022. They were in Vail, CO when he told her that he would be skiing with his dad and brothers. When they left, his Mom came up with the idea that they should go on a hike in Beaver Creek up this area called Bachelors Gulch. Andrea agreed and when they got there, they took a lift to the top. They walked around and out of nowhere she saw Joe's brother Ryan with his camera ready. She didn't think much of it until she saw Joe in a suit jacket all dressed up and that's when it hit her. She was so surprised and in shock that she immediately started crying. He got on one knee and asked her to marry him to which she said YES immediately. Being at the top of the mountain just added to the experience as everyone cheered and the views were amazing.

Andrea said, “It was definitely a surprise and we were both very emotional along with his family who helped plan this special moment.”

As for their wedding, they plan to have a wedding in Miami in the Fall or Winter of 2023. Joe is from Chicago so they want to give his friends and family a very Miami experience along with latin cuisine and warm weather. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

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