Clear Cut Couples: Jen and Ronjohn

Jen and Ronjohn both went to Bucknell together. Allegedly, Ronjohn remembers Jen but Jen doesn’t remember the cute senior boy. They didn’t officially meet until after college where mutual friends/teammates introduced them in San Francisco. Their first date was a sushi date in San Francisco. At the time, they were working at LinkedIn together and couldn’t count the coffee runs and lunches as real dates. Ronjohn went in for the kiss after a sushi dinner and Jen couldn’t be more surprised. Since then, they have been together for over 3 years now! They have shared so many incredible memories since then.

There’s nothing that they love more than being with family or being together out in nature. They’ve been skiing, hiking, traveling and to more weddings than you could imagine over the last 3 years. Their most beautiful moments though have been being by each other's side through the last 3 years of challenges - whether it’s a long distance relationship, new job, pandemic, sick family member, or tough day - They get through everything as a team.

Ronjohn planned to propose at home in New York before the holidays, but COVID had other ideas for them. He waited until they arrived in Whistler on a cold, snowy walk through the village to get down on one knee. Jen could barely get any words out other than - Really!? And of course - YES!

She said, “I was incredibly surprised and happier than I’ve ever been in my life. My ring is the most stunning ring imaginable. I would not change a thing about it. The color of the stone and the two-toned setting are my favorite parts about the ring. I cannot believe how amazing Ronjohn and The Clear Cut team did.”

After getting engaged, they spent 5 days skiing and enjoying feeling like they were on cloud nine. They have always known that they’ve wanted a wedding on the beach or in nature and to be married by one of their closest friends. Congrats you two! We are so happy for you.

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