Clear Cut Couples: Andrew and Shazia

Andrew and Shazia first met at the hospital that Andrew was a medical student at and Shazia was finishing her fellowship training. It was during an educational session (that Shazia doesn't remember). They then crossed paths again a few months later at a brewery/music festival with some mutual friends.

They met up a week later at another brewery and hit it off. Andrew went home that day and told his roommate that this was definitely the girl he was going to marry (if she let him!). The downside to all of this was that months prior Shazia had accepted a job in Canada and was committed to moving a few months later. That accelerated the relationship a lot and until moving day they spent almost every minute of their free time together. They went on dates, planned trips, spent their weekends hiking in the mountains- all things which made saying goodbye a few months later impossible.

Because they were doing long distance early in their relationship, they planned a lot of very memorable trips. The most memorable ones early in the relationship were trips to Saint Martin, Fourth of July beach trips, a weekend in NYC where Andrew showed Shazia where he used to live and many trips back and forth to Toronto.

They have both always wanted to visit the Amalfi coast in Italy and finally had the chance recently. During their trip, they had a private boat tour of the coastline and spent the day swimming, having amazing seafood, and enjoying the spectacular views of the Italian coastline. At the end of the day, Andrew asked for a picture with Positano in the background but took the moment to propose.

Shazia knew that they were going to get engaged eventually but definitely didn't suspect the exact moment! She said, “my reaction to the ring was that it was absolutely perfect. It was beautiful, elegant, simple and better than I could have imagined. Andrew did an amazing job choosing something he knew I would love.” Andrew said, “I knew I did a good job when I would catch her staring at it lovingly throughout the rest of the trip (and since then!)”

As for their wedding, they are still deciding and enjoying their engagement! They are waiting until Andrew finishes his medical residency training as they want to have a VERY long honeymoon. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

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