Clear Cut Couples: Abby and Andre

Abby and Andre met 3.15.19 - "It was love at first sight" as Andre says.  On a stormy Friday afternoon, during the peak of March Madness in NYC, Abby's best friend + roommate, Hanna, who also happens to be Andre's newest co-worker, decided to separately invite both of them to drinks at a local bar. Little did Abby know, Hanna had been talking her up to Andre the past few weeks ... and vice versa. In Abby's head, she was going to make this a quick drink with her since all she wanted to do was head home, order some food & turn on a rom-com; after all it was the end of the work week. Abby agreed to meet Hanna and while on the subway she received a text that Andre would be joining as well. Disheveled & annoyed with the lovely NYC humidity + rain, she was thrilled to be greeted with an Old Fashion. 

After an hour of some laughter and drinks, the sneaky best friend that she was, got up & headed out for a basketball game (a little backstory, Hanna was the cheerleading coach for Seton Hall who were in the playoffs) ... leaving Abby & Andre behind. Andre bought another round of drinks, pulled up his seat next to her, & proceeded to heavily interview Abby with several, and I mean several, questions to confirm if what he felt was a match made in heaven. From there the two fell in love, frolicked, and danced throughout the city. & the rest was history! 

Abby had casually mentioned the day they met how there was this little Italian restaurant a few blocks from her Hoboken apartment she's been wanting to try. So a few days after they met, he surprised her with dinner reservations there. Safe to say he stole her heart with that move. Since then, they have been together for over three years! Right before the pandemic they moved into an apartment together. After a few months of living together (and still liking each other!) they decided it was time to plan out their future. So next they bought a home, grew their family by 4 paws (Lulu the Lhasa Apso), and the most important highlight ... getting engaged! Throughout the years some of their favorite experiences together are traveling, cooking, going to live concerts, exploring new activities, and of course having random dance sessions.  

What started as a gloomy Sunday morning in August turned around into a day they'll never forget. The day before they attended a wedding and celebrated the night away; so safe to say the next morning was a rough one for all. The wedding location happened to be right by their old stomping grounds and Abby's birthday  was just a few days later. She had planned a brunch later that day to celebrate with their families. In Andre's eyes, all the stars aligned. Despite Abby being tired (& hungover), Andre somehow convinced her to go on a walk along the Jersey City waterfront where they used to go on runs. There were several times during that walk she had tried to stop and get coffee but he was insistent they continued walking; this only made her more annoyed. When they reached one of their favorite viewpoints of the city, Andre got down on one knee and popped the question! After some happy tears and hugs, his sister popped out of a tree where she was in hiding trying to capture the moment. The day ended with a birthday & engagement celebration accompanied by their parents; a day they'll never forget! 

It was a complete surprise! Abby was very sure the proposal wouldn't happen until Andre's grandmother returned from Portugal, but she was wrong. Even though she was very much involved in the ring process she was cut off when The Clear Cut team sent a video of the final design. She was beyond in love and obsessed with her ring. She would literally stare at it all day & for many days after that.

They are getting married this October 2022 in New Jersey surrounded by all their family and friends! They CANNOT wait! Congrats you two - we are so happy for you!

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