Clear Cut Couples: Mike and Athena

Mike was supposed to be traveling for work, but COVID canceled those plans. It was a Saturday and Athena was walking her dog Stew on the canal in downtown Indianapolis. He was throwing the football with some friends in the park near the canal. Stew wanted to play with the football and came running up to them. Mike and Athena chatted for a bit, exchanged numbers and the rest is history. If it wasn't for COVID and Stew, Mike said, “I don't think we would have ever met.” But still, they were destined to be together. The rest is history!

After many changes to their plans because of COVID, they finally settled on getting a drink outside at an Irish Pub in a local strip of bars and restaurants in downtown Indianapolis. After bar hopping for a while, they went to German Beer Garden where Athena made fun of him for ordering a vodka/tonic. They then Uber'd home to let Stew outside. After this, they took Stew to another bar where Athena's friend dared him to eat a dog treat. He didn't want to back out, so he ate the dog treat. Mike said, “It was salmon flavored and very bad. I was surprised she agreed to go out with me again after that.” They started dating May 29th, 2020 and have been together ever since. 

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years. They love to travel and take trips any time that they can. In just about 18 months, they have been to Jamaica, Greece, Colorado, Dominican Republic and to Florida several times. They love to go to Colts and Pacers games. They try to do date nights every week or so. They find it very important to just enjoy each other's company and still find time to "date" each other. Being at a tiki bar in a tropical destination with Athena will always be their special place. Asking Athena’s dad for his permission to marry his daughter was terrifying as well. “I will always remember that.” LOL! 

Mike proposed December 21st, 2021 in Vail, Colorado. He was going to do it spontaneously in the village before dinner one night, but found out that his mom didn't plan any nights to go into the village. He improvised and planned a night of bowling for Athena, Mike’s sister and her husband. He was a nervous wreck, didn't talk to Athena once that night and just wanted to get it over with. He planned to propose immediately after her first bowl of the night, but her first bowl was a gutterball. Once she turned around to walk back, he slid in there very smoothly, and had the ring out. Her eyes filled with tears instantly, he stumbled through a couple sentences, and was not sure what he was saying. Athena nodded yes and everyone else in the bowling lanes started cheering. They were both speechless for a while. She tried calling her friends and family and couldn't really put words together, just kept smiling. Mike said, “I'll remember it forever.”

Athena thought it was possibly happening on the trip, but definitely didn't know it was going to be during bowling. Mike’s sister kept saying that the bowling alley was really fancy so she would be dressed up for pictures. She was surprised and absolutely loves the ring!

For their wedding, they are thinking of Lake Wawasee in northern Indiana. Mike’s family has had a lake house up there since 1937 so it is a big part of his family. Only after a couple of weeks of dating, he invited Athena up and she actually came, he was very nervous, but it ended up being perfect. So that place holds a special place in his heart. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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