Clear Cut Couples: Annie and Scott

It was the year of the NHL lockout, and Scott was sent to play for a professional hockey team in Maine, the Portland Pirates, and Annie was visiting her parents in Maine after graduating from UC Santa Barbara. One Saturday night in November 2012, Scott was out with a few of his teammates and, as fate would have it, Annie also walked into the same bar that night. They immediately made eye contact and the universe proved to them that there IS such a thing as love at first sight. Scott was struck by Annie’s green eyes and infectious smile and had a very unusual feeling of butterflies in his stomach, but worked up the courage to introduce himself. Annie was drawn to Scott’s warm energy, blue wolf-like eyes and thought the stitches on his nose were the cutest thing she’d ever seen. As soon as they started chatting, their connection was electric like they were meant to meet. In no time, they were cheers-ing to pink jello shots! Although he didn’t tell her at the time, Scott remembers thinking “that’s the girl I want to marry one day.” Annie also remembers telling her Mom the next morning, “Guess what - I met THE ONE last night!” (We’re not crying, you’re crying!!)


Annie and Scott spent as much time together as possible, before she went back to her home in Newport Beach, California and it didn’t take either of them long to realize that they couldn’t imagine their lives without each other. Not only did Scott and Annie live cross-country, but Scott is from Canada and Annie from America. They saw this as another special and unique part of their story and it only made their love and commitment stronger. For the next 3 years, they were long distance during the hockey season as Scott played in multiple cities in the U.S. Scott and Annie had daily FaceTime dates and a calendar countdown to when they would see each other each month. During the games Annie attended, Scott felt those familiar butterflies of excitement knowing she was in the crowd watching, and as a feisty sports fan, cheering as loud as she could. When Scott decided to retire from playing professional hockey, Annie and Scott started a new chapter together in Toronto, Canada. A new city, a new adventure, and more memories to make together as best friends…as long as they’re together, they’re happy! 


Their shared love for travel had them planning a trip to Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia. Scott loves how Annie is always down for an adventure and knew this was the perfect place to propose. When they landed in Dubrovnik, Scott quickly realized he couldn’t wait any longer, so after dropping their bags at the hotel, they rushed to the top of Mt. Srd to catch the amazing sunset. Overlooking Old Town Dubrovnik, Scott got down on one knee and asked Annie to marry him! There was just no better way to kick off a vacation and start their next adventure together as husband and wife!


Scott and Annie designed the ring with Olivia and the incredible Clear Cut team. Annie’s oval ring with tapered baguettes is elegant and timeless…her dream ring!!


Annie and Scott have selected a special venue in Maine overlooking the ocean in June 2020. They envision Southern California vibes in a classic coastal Maine setting. They are beyond excited to celebrate their love with family and friends! Congrats you two -- we are SO excited for you!!

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