Clear Cut Couples: Ashley and Jared

Ashley and Jared met on Jswipe! On their first date, you could say it was love at first sight! They went to Salvation Taco and when Ashley walked in, she saw him at the bar with the biggest smile on his face. She thought to herself “WOW he’s so cute!” First they had a drink and then sat down for dinner. There wasn’t a single second of silence -- they had an instant connection! Dinner went on, they realized they had so much in common, so many mutual friends and similar values. Ashley knew she wanted to go on another date with him when he said how important his family was. Family is number one to both of them. Since then, they have been dating for over two years!


Ashley says she doesn’t remember the exact moment when she knew he was the one -- but one particular weekend she realized she couldn’t be without him. He was at a wedding in Mexico the same weekend her mom got remarried. That was about 4 months after they started dating and she couldn't stop thinking about how Jared wasn’t in any of the pictures when they look back on it years to come. That was the point when she realized she can't and doesn’t want to live her life without him! (AWWW!)

Last summer, they went to Europe together. It was their first time there and they ate their way through Paris, Amsterdam, and London and the food was AMAZING! They have so many highlights over the years - like their adorable dog, Duke, going to Aruba, and on cruises together. They love to explore the city, trying different restaurants. 

On July 20th, they were on a food tour and the driver said that their last stop was the most beautiful place in Brooklyn. When they made a right, she saw her parents, grandma, and their dog Duke! There was a photographer taking pictures of the whole thing. Watch the adorable video! 

Ashley was SO surprised and is in love with her ring!! For their wedding, they’re having it at a temple on Long Island on June 28th, 2020. Congrats Ashley and Jared! We are SO happy for you!!

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