Clear Cut Couples: Jess and Brian

Jess and Brian met through a mutual friend, Kara. Kara was one of Jess' best friends from high school, who then went to college with Brian. Kara always said that they would be a great match. She was right!! Since then, they have been together for three years, this fall!

On a regular night, they had "dinner plans" at a restaurant on the upper west side with friends, and since Brian lives on the upper east side, he swore he looked the place up and that it was a straight walk through Central Park. That Thursday, they were running late, but Brian was unfazed and had a detour to see a view of the boat house (their favorite spot in the park). At one point Jess almost said "you're not proposing are ya?" since that is a line from Big Daddy, one of their favorite movies. They got to the most perfect and secluded gazebo… then he asked!

Jess had a clue that something was up, as her mom insisted she get her hair done that day "in case you take any pictures at dinner". But other than that, Jess knew that they had a ton of other plans that weekend, which she later found out were all cover stories that Brian made up! LOL. To her, it was the happiest surprise! The ring is even more beautiful than she could have imagined! She is truly obsessed!!

They are planning a late May 2020 wedding at the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, SC. Jess always wanted a destination wedding (ideally by the beach) and Brian is a huge golfer so this was the perfect compromise. CONGRATS!!! Jess and Brian, we are so happy for you and cannot wait to hear about the wedding!!

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