Clear Cut Couples: Spencer and Kathleen

Kathleen and Spencer met in Denver, Colorado through mutual friends. Spencer had an Easter Egg hunt party that Kathleen came to! Their mutual friend, Brie, had some friends over after and it was there that they hit it off playing flip cup. That night, they went to their favorite dive bar, Candlelight Tavern, where Spencer likes to say they met.

Their first date was at a restaurant called Boone’s. Kathleen was nervous and trying to figure out what outfit to choose while drinking red wine with her best friend/roommate. Her roommate, Paige, was playing fun music trying to keep the nerves steady when he called her. He said that he was there! Paige was appalled that Spencer didn’t come to the door like a southern gentleman… so he started off on the wrong foot!! It didn’t take long before their conversation was flowing over cocktails and tacos sitting at the bar top. They talked about everything from their families to their travel adventures to what they hoped their lives would look like in the future. The rest is history! (Oh, and Paige quickly got over the fact that he didn’t walk to the door to pick up Kathleen!) Since then, they have been together for 4 and a half years now! It will be 5 years in April, the month they are getting married!

They love to travel and are fortunate enough to have visited amazing places together. Some highlights include tubing on the lakes in northern Michigan, honky tonking in Nashville, skiing in Vail, hiking in Beaver Creek, a wedding in the south of France, wine tasting in Beaune, France, and sailing in Barcelona!

A monumental highlight of their relationship was getting a puppy together, Tate! She has been such a blessing and has helped build their relationship even stronger. She is an Airedale Terrier that goes everywhere with them!

All summer, Spencer had been wanting to go on an RV trip through Colorado and explore some towns that they hadn’t visited yet. Mid August, they set out, with their dog Tate, in the RV and headed to Telluride from Denver!

On the second day of the trip they hiked to Bridal Veil Falls (first hint), which was always the hiked mentioned when looking up hikes in Telluride. It is a fairly popular hike that goes to a base of a huge waterfall. Spencer figured he would ask someone to take their picture and ask her then. He spotted someone walking up to the base of the falls with a large camera so he approached her to ask if she would take their picture while he proposed, she was excited to be a part of it. He got down on one knee and it was all perfectly captured on camera. Kathleen was shocked and thrilled to see the ring. After, Spencer thanked the stranger taking their picture and asked if she could email the photos. It turns out that she is a wedding photographer (what are the chances!!) so the pictures turned out incredible! They hiked back down to Telluride and Kathleen couldn’t stop staring/ talking about her ring all night.

They went back and forth with trying to choose between a Colorado wedding in the mountains to Nashville, TN where Kathleen was born and raised. They finally decided on Nashville because that is where Kathleen always pictured her wedding. Their wedding date is 4/25/2020! Congrats Kathleen and Spencer -- we are SO happy for you and can’t wait to hear about the wedding!!

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