Clear Cut Couples: Caitlin and Colin

Caitlin and Colin met their junior year of high school, although they both went to single sex high schools. Caitlin went to his school’s high school hockey game with some girlfriends. After the game was over, they all hung out after. Caitlin noticed him right away and they were smitten!! AWWW!

For the next year and a half, Caitlin continued to be infatuated with him. Eventually, she won him over by the end of senior year. The summer before college, they spent as much time as they could together, having fun and not focusing on the inevitable start of college which meant that they would be over one thousand miles away from one another. Caitlin says, “Until this year, that was the best summer of my life.”

They started college and they continued to talk, coincidentally being on Skype each night. During Fall break their freshman year of college, Caitlin booked a flight to visit Colin in New York – both her first time flying alone and visiting New York! By the end of the weekend, they agreed that they were officially dating. They continued dating long distance through most of college. After college, they were both back in St. Louis for a few months before Colin started his job in New York. They did not want to date long distance anymore and Caitlin wanted an excuse to move to another city. Studying fashion merchandising in college, she took the leap, moved to NY without a job, found a job, and another 5 years later they’re engaged!

Colin proposed on Friday, May 10, 2019. She had been very busy with work and Colin was staffed on a project across the country requiring 14+ hours of flights each week. They had been traveling the previous weekends and had more travel the upcoming weekends, so she wanted a weekend of NO commitments. Caitlin agreed to see a movie, as they weren’t going to have a weekend at home in NY together for a while. Friday afternoon, she came home from work, Colin told her he was at the gym and that they needed to leave around 6pm for the movie. She wanted to wear something comfortable. Her comfiest pair of jeans had been at the bottom of their hamper for 3 weeks, she threw those on and finished a few things for work.

Colin got home and they were making small talk before leaving for the “movies.” Next thing she knew, Colin was on one knee and she was sobbing. It was in their tiny, first apartment together and it was absolutely perfect. Caitlin says, “I don’t know how I could have been any more surprised. I couldn’t move so I remained sitting on the floor sobbing when Colin asked me to hold tight while he poured 2 glasses of champagne. The one gift I always request for any birthday or holiday has always been a card/note. After reading a letter he wrote me, I asked who else knew. He then stood up and led us downstairs.” They headed to their building lobby, to the party room and found their immediate family and one of their best friends had all traveled to NY from St. Louis, Chicago, and Maine. More tears and another surprise when Caitlin’s best friend from high school and her fiancé appeared 20 minutes later. They celebrated with appetizers and drinks enjoying the weather and city sunset before a dinner reservation at one of their favorite spots for pizza, Rubirosa. The festivities continued Saturday in Brooklyn going to more of their favorite spots for food, drinks & celebrating with their loved ones. 

Caitlin said, “I have known Colin for over 10 years, we live together, so I thought I would have some sort of inkling that he was going to propose or that he was looking at rings. I had none of those!” They knew they would spend their lives together but had not talked through specific timing. She never felt the need to have much say in the ring and thought she would be happy with whatever Colin picked out because he has great taste -- whatever he picked would be special to her. Colin said working with Olivia and the Clear Cut team was awesome and he recommends it to many! He told Caitlin that he looked through what she “liked” at the Clear Cut and that he looked at round and oval rings because of this, but in the end, preferred rounds. She did not know what her ring would look like, or what shape of diamond she wanted. She is in love with her ring -- it is timeless and makes her think of Colin.

After much debate over the last few months between St. Louis and Brooklyn and finding venues they liked, they booked a New Years Eve wedding in St. Louis, MO, December 31, 2020! They have large families and many people that have influenced them throughout their relationship over the years, so they want a party to celebrate with those closest to them. Congrats Caitlin and Colin!! We are SO happy for you!!

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